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Wool sleep sack?

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I know it's only August but I'm trying to plan for the winter. My DD is not quite 17 months old and I started to EC her part time at 11 months and switched from full time sposies to full time cloth at 12 months. Last winter she was in overnight sposies, pjs and a sleepsack and I just nursed her down at night. Now she wakes up to pee on the potty and is usually dry until I get there unless I'm delayed. Right now she sleeps in a light shirt and a fitted diap, with no cover - usually on an absorbent mat (to save me stripping the bed if I don't reach her in time). This works well since I can whip off the diaper and plop her on the potty very quickly. Once the weather gets cold though, I'll have to cover her bottom half. I have a few pairs of legwarmers which would be a good start but she will need something more. The sleep sacks we got last year were great! They unzipped down the middle so I had easy access when I did need to change her and they kept her warm. This year I plan to use my mother ease fitteds with a bamboo doubler as backup, a long sleeved shirt and legwarmers inside a wool sleep sack. I figure I can whip off the sleepsack and diaper, plop her on the potty, set up the next diaper in the sleepsack and nurse her back down while I wrap her up again. Does this sound doable? Does anyone else use wool sleep sacks? Are they any good for toddlers? Would the moisture saturate the legwarmers or wick through the shirt? I got a good 100% wool sweater second hand to make my sleepsack - should I use it to make long pants instead and use a traditional sleepsack on top of that? Any input is greatly appreciated :-)
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Looks like your post got missed. Anyone have any advice to offer?

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We used a wool sleep sack with DD from about 9-14 months of age, but the next winter when she was more of an active toddler we used wool overalls or long sleeve wool pajamas.  She wouldn't let us put her in something so confining as a sleep sack at that point.  Because she is a heavy wetter at night we always use two layers of wool: in the summer we use a double thickness wool wrap and in the winter we use a regular wool wrap under either longies, overalls or wool jammies depending on temp.  By the time she was a toddler we weren't changing her at night at all, and now she is almost always dry until morning.  So I guess I can't answer whether the leggings will get wet or not, since we always had a separate cover on under the sleep sack.  Unless your house is pretty chilly wool pants or overalls and a thick shirt would be a simple option, and you wouldn't have to take the pants all the way off to potty.  You could do footie overalls for a warmer option.  Pants and overalls are easier to make and use less material than a sleep sack.  Overalls are warmer and don't have the waist elastic, which I think seems more comfy, but they would be harder to pull down to potty than pants.  


I just realized that DD actually has her overalls on in my profile picture!  It's a funny shot of them and they are tucked into the boots, but you can get the idea.  I made them for practical night time use, not dress up, and they're not the most flattering, but they're comfy!

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id say just get longies? maybe fleece if you dont want to spend to much

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I'm a big believer in Sleepsacks. There's one on the market made from duck down which will keep your baby at just the right temp -- Bisous Baby Sleepsacks. They are natural, so your baby won't sweat in them (wool sounds quite heavy for babies, I would imagine).  You also won't have to buy a thick Sleepsack for winter plus a light one for summer, as these sleepsacks can be used basically year-round. These sleepsacks also have a 2-way zipper for easy diaper-changes at night or for quick emergency trips to the potty!  Your baby can wear pjs underneath, or just a pj-top.  The SS come in 3 sizes, all the way up to a 2-3 year old size. They're a bit pricey, but the company which sells them also sells factory seconds on their website.  Your baby will look like a sleeping angel in these!!!  The website is:  www.BlueMonkeyBaby.com.

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