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Help...Hasn't pooped in about 12 days!

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My ds is a week shy of 6 months and is exclusively bf... It's been about 12 days since his last poop. I know this isn't impossible or particularly worrisome for a bf baby but as of tonight he seems uncomfortable. His tummy isn't hard and he is passing gas (tonight a LOT!) but is extra fussy and seemed to tuck his legs up more tonight as I tried to get him to bed.

Is there anything I can do to help nudge this process along? Anything you have found to help?
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If his abdomen is soft and he is passing gas then he is probably just fine, but could be uncomfortable because of the gas. You could try very gently massaging his tummy in a clockwise pattern along the path of his colon and bicycling his legs. This usually relieved the pressure when my DD was fussing with gas and occasionally seemed to help her poop but it may have just been a coincidence. By about day 10 I usually started carrying around a third set of clothes if I was out with her and was nervous until she finally had that huuuuge poop. She seemed to average about 10 days between going but has broken the two week barrier here and there. She fussed at that age, the massage helped her pass gas and she was also teething at the time. She was also on the verge of commando crawling and once she hit that milestone the fussing lessened. Your LO may not be upset about his tummy but if you can help him pass the gas, he may be more comfortable. Unless he starts showing clear signs of constipation, I wouldn't worry much. Just dress him in comfy, loose clothes (if at all in this heat) and try to keep him comfortable. I hope he poops soon :-)
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What's his normal?


My DD1 usually went 4-6 days when she was EBF.


DD2 could go 7-10 - her record was 12, on the 13th day she POOPED (i needed a new outfit for her AND me! lol).


If he seems ok he's very likely just fine.  Good luck with the coming explosion though ;P

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Thanks for the reassurance... His normal was about every third day but it was lengthening to about five days until now so it is a lot longer than normal. Will try the bicycle and massage for sure!

For good measure i will plan a nice outing and dress him in something light coloured and forget a back up outfit... That always worked with my daughter. smile.gif
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