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How do you keep them safe with older siblings?

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Hi, any

ideas here? DD2 is constantly putting stuff in her mouth and I am not fast enough to get it of the floor all the time.


We live in a huge house, and the two older ones are just throwing there stuff around, I thing DD2 just swallowed (I hope swallowed) a tiny pearl, I could not get it out of her mouth fast enough.


I feel overwhelmed. Why did Mother nature invent something so stupid like this constantly putting things in their mouth? My older ones either didn't do it or I was better in keeping stuff at bay. I don't know. It's not only toys but straw, tiny branches, stones, grass, stuff like that. I do vacuum every day, but I am not fast enough!



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For one, I think you can relax a little bit. My DD ate way more sand, mulch, grass, leaves, etc. than I wanted her to, but she's still alive. lol.gif

As for some of the toys, I told my older DD that unless she wanted to pick them out of littlest's diapers, she'd best keep swallowable things in her room or otherwise inaccessible. smile.gif I may have also temporarily rotated some things out of use until DD was mostly past that phase: I know we pulled out the big blocks instead of the legos, for example, and played with a train set instead of cars with itty bitty wheels. Good luck!!
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We have special toys that can only come out when DD2 was asleep.  If DD1 didn't clean it up, she didn't get it again for a while.  I also don't have alot of toys with super small parts.  


The toys we have out all the time, big blocks, scarves, wool balls etc are all ok for DD2 to put in her mouth (although, she is almost 2, so she is past the putting things in mouth stage).


Good luck!

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I don't mind swallowing, she is totally allowed to eat sand, but these choking noises freak me out. I think she would probably just spit the stuff out herself, wouldn't she? - but i tend to panic redface.gif

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