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Birth options in Chattanooga, TN

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So, I just found out I'm expecting, and now I need to find a midwife. 


I would prefer to deliver out of the hospital if possible, but not necessarily at MY house (it's small, we have several dogs who would probably be howling along with me the whole time I was in labor, lol, and it would be absolutely impossible to keep my mother-in-law out of my business.) 


So..with that in mind, the two best options I've identified so far have been: 


Birth Wellness and Women's Center, with a homebirth midwife who will let you use her house: http://birthwellness.com/


Women's Wellness and Maternity Center, in Madisonville: http://www.wellnessandmaternity.net/ A birth center staffed by CNMs sounds perfect for me, but it's a hell of a drive...


This will be our first child, so I'm feeling a little lost. I've always seen a nurse practicioner for woman stuff, but I don't think I want to go back there for the baby, especially since they only do hospital births. 


Of course, there's always the chance I'll end up in the hospital anyway, so I'm also interested in hearing about any experiences y'all may have had with the local hospitals. 


Thanks in advance!

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Bumping up for more attention.  Thoughts, anyone?

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I know this is an old post, but if you're still looking for birth options, I've heard great things about the homebirth midwife you mentioned and have had a lot of friends who have used her (both at her house and in their own homes). However I have no personal experience with her.

I have had 2 births at the Women's Wellness and Maternity Center and it's been a great compromise for my wanting a hombirth, but not a hospital birth and DH not being quite comfortable with a homebirth. They have a fabulous labor tub (however, no water births because of their back-up doctor's insurance, I believe). I plan on having my 3rd baby there sometime in April. There has been a lot of change there since my last birth a little over 3 years ago, so I don't know the current midwives there, however they were highly recommended by a midwife friend of mine who worked there with them and recently moved. My first appointment for this pregnancy will be in a couple weeks where I'll meet the new, but experienced, midwives.

I have never been to any of the OBs in the area, but based on talking with my friends, one doctor who stands out is Dr. Seeber. He is one of the most supportive VBAC doctors in the area (not that this applies to you) and practices evidence based maternity care, where many other OBs do not (I won't name names here!).

If you haven't already found an OB or midwife, I hope this helps.
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Thank you! I decided to go with the homebirth midwife, since I liked her and driving over an hour for prenatals/labor sounded less than appealing. Plus, I think in the highly unlikely event of a true emergency, I'm probably better off in Chattanooga and her house is convenient to local hospitals, which makes my husband and the family we've shared our birth plans with so far feel more comfortable.  

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Glad you found something that works for you and your family! The birth center drive isn't my favorite, but it hasn't been too bad in labor, surprisingly! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and your birth!
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