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CM question

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Hi there *waves*--


I hope this all makes sense as I am.  so.  tired.  One of the many reasons I think I am pregnant again.  This wait is unbelievably  hard.


Anyway, weird question about CM, which I think was asked somewhere else but now I can't find it?  And I think it was about ovulation, not necessarily the absence of the type of CM normally experienced. 


I have really distinct CM patterns throughout my cycle.  My DH and I had sex right after my period so there was clear CM but not the type I have right before I ovulate. 


On Sunday I started having really distinct lower abdomen cramps and gas and fatigue.  I also realized that I had not had the normal pattern of CM that I normally would have leading up to and then after ovulation.  No sticky, stretchy egg whites for me this month.  Now, I have clear CM somewhat but still not ovulation CM.  There was some light yellow not foul smelling stuff last night which I read can be another elusive sign of pregnancy. 


To me, this is another reason to suspect that I am pregnant because I am so off how my body normally acts during a regular cycle.  Anyone else ever experience this?


Thank goodness I have a place to talk about egg white cm ;)

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What point are you in your cycle?  I honestly don't remember what my cm was like the month I conceived as I pretty much gave up on following my ovulation patterns and just bd'd every other day from a few days after AF until I definitely knew I wasn't ovulating anymore.  It just became a mindless habit month after month. But like you, I had a pretty predictable CM pattern.  I also had some random months that were not as egg-whitey as others and it was not because I was pregnant, it was just one of those things.  I wish I could remember what it was like the month I conceived but like I said, I didn't pay too much attention as I didn't think I'd ever conceive.  Just didn't give up trying.


I didn't get the weird yellow stuff until several weeks after the confirmed pregnancy, but all women are different.  You may be able to sense pregnancy more since you've already been pregnant.  Only time will tell.

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I am a week away from starting my period.  I will be incredibly shocked if I am not pregnant.  This does feel a LOT like the early stages of pregnancy with my daughter.  I threw up yesterday and this morning and have food aversion to add to the list.  I may break down and go to my doctor's today for a blood test.  I'd forgotten how rough this early part is when you aren't sure.

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You might just be experiencing PMS symptons as they are almost identical.
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Unusual CM, fatigue and nausea are all early pg signs I have had this time.  With DS, I had a lot of white CM and thought I had a yeast infection (no itchiness though) but in fact, was just pregnant.  This time (before my BFP) I had fatigue, nausea and unusual CM of the same type again (thick and white) but not as much.


So, you could be, you may not be.  I guess you'll know in a week or so...

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It's really so hard to know before it's time to test because I (and others)  can have symptoms that make you swear you're pregnant (nausea, vomiting, crampy, fatigue, etc.), only to find it was just caused by the hormones during that phase of your cycle. It is super frustrating.  ...and just because you're body does something out of the ordinary doesn't necessarily mean it's pregnancy either.  Sometimes a randomly strange cycle just happens for no discernible reason.


With all that said, you could also very well be pregnant.


If you haven't had your regular pre-ovulation CM yet this cycle, do you think you've ovulated?  How long ago?  The fact that what normally happens before you ovulate didn't happen yet, makes me wonder if you've even ovulated yet this cycle....which would mean 'not pregnant' unless the potential pregnancy was somehow from your previous cycle and your last period was very light (and in fact not a real period).

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