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Mothering Poll of Vaccine Choices - Page 2

Poll Results: What is your Vaccine Choice At This Time?

  • 22% (27)
    I'm Vaccinating on Schedule
  • 30% (36)
    I'm Choosing Selective and/or Delayed Vaccines
  • 42% (50)
    I'm Not Vaccinating
  • 4% (5)
    I am Undecided
118 Total Votes  
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I remember interviewing Dick Moskowitz, MD, years ago and he said something regarding vaccinations that stayed with me for years, "I have more questions than answers." So, while we look for facts to base our vaccine decision on, there are often more questions than answers. And, each of us looks at the facts differently because of our personal experience with disease and other vaccines.


Public health folks will see the benefit of vaccines for the whole population, but parents will worry about the effects on their one baby. And, even though we can find facts to back up our decisions either to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, it is ultimately an intuitive and emotional decision. We want the facts to support us, but the "facts" are contradictory. It depends on what you believe. 


So, let's not disrespect one another because we make different decisions. The point is being informed, and making a personal decision without coercion that one can live with. Let's no coerce one another with "facts."


It's interesting to me that 44% of our community doesn''t vaccinate and 51% does vaccinate. This will help us provide the right forums for our community.


Please check out the link in my OP and come give your opinion there if you haven't already.

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Originally Posted by USAmma View Post

I chose to vax my first child on schedule. We traveled to India and I saw first-hand the effects of polio which is still active there. It was very heartbreaking. 



Oh but actually wild-type Polio is pretty much eradicated in India. What they have now is 47,500 cases of a more deadly polio-like illness that came from the vaccinations there:


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