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cues for starting solids

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hey mamas! I hope you are all doing well! As the summer winds down, and I face the reality that my dear sweet little boy will be going to daycare in September, I find myself nervous about being able to keep up my supply while we are separated for 32 hours a week.  I know that i cannot keep up with life at this pace for much longer (if only you had witnessed the break down last night) and I do need the help, but it's so hard.  however, i just realized that my bouncing boy will be 5 months old the week he starts at school, which should mean that he will be starting solids soon(ish).  I don't want to force him to eat solids too soon, but i was wondering what cues you ladies look for in your LO to tell you when they're ready?  I usually wait until they can sit up unassisted, and they show some interest. You?  


another question i have on the same subject, is that, if my supply does drop (and i only have a small stash in the freezer) would you add  solids (homemade baby food) or supplement with formula?  


just pondering the possibilities as I enjoy a rare quiet moment with both kids napping! 

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I look for:

Ability to sit up

No tongue thrust

Grabbing at food

hand/mouth coordination

intently watching me eat, grabbing at my food

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I agree w carly. I am sorry about the stress mama. It sounds like you are having to do both big picture planning and detail. I don't know the spcifics but it sounds like you are a bit anxious about things. I know you are one of th busiest mamas I "know." Is there a reaso why you ar worried about your supply? I wouldn't let it be a thought unless you are legitimately seeing a lack of supply? But, and i totally get this, if you need to have a plan to not think/worry about it....my two cents...i would use my stash then donor milk then formula if necessary. My degree is in nutrition and dietetics and i really feel pretty strongly about not starting food until baby is physically ready. Ds want ready until 8 months and i faced a lot of questions from my very supportive family. Ultimately though i would look at why you are worried about supply and why you would or would not start solids? Sorry if his isn't helpful. It is supposed to be supportive, maybe it iis bc i am watching fraiser lol.
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Hey Chiro--I have no advice, but thanks for asking, because we're in the same situation! I've been back at work for a month now and seem to be more or less keeping up with demand (pumping twice a day, she eats 6-9oz while I'm at work) but I'm always worried about having enough stored. We seem to keep about 3 days worth at any given time. She hasn't been acting too interested in real food yet, but I expect it'll start fairly soon. I guess if it comes down to it we'd use formula if we needed to rather than push her into solid foods sooner.
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Carly, love the list, thanks for that!


flavorful, I've had supply issues on and off since i went back to work.  Cosleeping is helping since he nurses almost all night long, but i find i'm so exhausted that i'm not a good mommy to my 3 year old, so, for at least part of the night, he will need to sleep away from me, and i'm concerned that my supply may drop again.  Right now I'm keeping up with demand most of the time, but I do have 2 10 hour days a week, so I'm just anxious I suppose.  Collin hasn't really shown any interest in food yet, but i guess i wanted some idea in my head about how to handle the possibility of low supply...


Pretty--glad to hear you're keeping up thus far! how's it been for you being back at work?

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Based on cues Tavian will most likely be ready for solids in the next few days. Tonight at dinner he was lunging, mouth open, at any food I had, the plate, the table. It was hilarious and disturbing. We gave him a bit of water in a straw and he lunged at that. No tongue thrust reflex. He's also just started sitting up. 


So, he's pretty much ready, but I'm not!

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chiro- i totally hear you on the sleep! I hope your supply stays up without it being too big of an effort.  You are a very smart to stay on top of things and be prepared for a variety of realistic scenarios.  I definitely think it all boils down to what works best for your family and what the baby needs you know?  


you mamas that pump deserve a huge standing ovation! I did it for a while and HATED it. Good job mamas!

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I thought I'd see what Lennon would do with a little rice cereal...because she is showing all the signs of being ready much sooner than I anticipated! I thought we'd wait until at least 6 months...but she sits up unsupported, shows interest in food, etc. So I gave her some organic whole grain rice cereal mixed with breastmilk today and SHE LOVED IT!!!! She has absolutely NO tongue thrust at all. She swallowed it, gobbled it down and then would open her mouth wide anticipating the next bite. It was so cute. I think she is ready.

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Aww saudade, so glad it went well!

We aren't there yet but I think it will be soon!
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Oh wow, we are so far off. Odin can't sit up by himself (The tripod is just starting to "click" for him). He has zero interest in our plates. At restaurants he loves the people, hates the table. Dunno about tongue thrust. His hand-mouth coordination is improving but still needs lots of refinement!

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Grady is very far off also. He's just starting to tripid but can't stay up for more than a split second. He doesn't mimic yet, shows no interest.

But I got the final word from him 2 nights ago.


He had a rough night and I discovered around midnight that he had a low grade fever. He couldn't sleep. I tried giving him some baby Advil and he got one taste, got the most disgusting look on his face, clamped his mouth shut, and gagged every time I got any in there. Then he gagged so hard he threw it up - twice. He was NOT impressed with having something that didn't taste like breastmilk in his mouth. It's super sugary-sweet, my DD has always loved medicine. He is clearly not interested in anything that isn't Momma's milk!

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rosebud is not quite ready yet but definitely showing a lot of interest in food so i have been giving her little tastes of things like yogurt and berries. just a little swipe on her lips for her to lick off. so far, yogurt was her absolute favourite!

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So after multiple days of seeing my sweet buy lunge toward any plate of food with his eyes wide and his mouth open I decided to start some solids. Oh my goodness he loves him some food! So far we've done oatmeal and bananas, separately, and he is definitely a fan!
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Chiromama - that is so cute!  My guy isn't even 4 months so I have a while.

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Chiro- Lennon is the same way. She was trying to eat her some biscuits and gravy this morning. LOL no food gets past her notice these days. I can't wait until I get the baby bullet and baby bullet steamer next month so I can make all her food!

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Saudade dh got me a cooking for baby cookbook and I've just started reading it. So far I love the simplicity and variety it offers for his meals in the next few months. I bet u vcoukd whip up some amazing stuff with your new tools! I'm excited to start cooking for him soon!
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Coraline seems interested in food, and has all the signs but she can still not sit up long enough for me to be comfortable with it. I have let her suck on cantaloupe, plum, pineapple and banana. With the banana she got a chunk and didn't like it, but the juicy fruit she loved.

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