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after nuvaRing issues - crazy cycle or was it m/c? help?

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So much TMI I cant even tell you how odd it feels to even put this out there....I don't currently have a midwife as mine apparently up and moved to Alaska, so I am coming to you girls before hunting a new one down.

I was on the NuvaRing for something like 6mo? ish? It was giving me horrible mirgraines that lasted basically the entire week before AF and required either a $10 per pill prescription to resolve or a heavy dose of Excedrin Migraine.


The last straw for me with the Ring was in June where I had a nice few days of spotting heavily (with ring in, before AF due) followed by a week long heavy flow AF (after ring out) followed by a week and a half spotting. Headaches included. I have not and will not put another one in ever.  





Anyhow, that was June. Then, July, right on time, I spotted for 3 days, just enough for a liner.  Then this month, no AF when it was expected.  Right around then,  I started to feel pg symptoms, like nauseous when I was hungry, maybe a little more tender boobs than usual, was pretty convinced I should consider testing until I read on some other random forum that I googled up that this is common after NuvaRing and that no AF and feeling convincingly pg were happening to lots of women up to 6 mos (!!) after stopping the ring. (I should mention there have been some less than careful moments...not the best choice when onthe fence about even going for #3 but honestly, nothing in the one time in the past 2mo near when I thought I may be fertile.)


**warning for sensitive post-m/c mommas that trigger when reading possible m/c stuff- consider skipping the below**


1 week to the day later (two days ago now) all of a sudden what seemed like AF started. Went in bathroom to pee and it just started running out. Was more like blood/pink/runny than usual AF would be, and when I went to "go..." um... it rushed out-like...super fast and I was unable to "go".  I ended up changing the liner twice and had a smaller scale incident when peeing an hour or so later, then nothing.  Tiny drops. Put in diva cup for overnight in case of... (thought i had it in funny so took it out, it was covered in what looked like pinkish, thick CM. rinsed and replaced) and it only had a bit of clear, very liquidy stuff in the am. No pink. Same on removal later that a.m. - maybe 1/4 full of clearish liquid. 

That evening I felt very achey, very first day of AF like, but also felt uncomfy to sit down straight? sore and funky feeling.  During the night and the next day, I felt that wierd ache like you get when you hold your pee too long LOL all day, otherwise all normal. Today (2 days past) finally able to #2 and not feeling odd at all, no sickness when I get hungry, no ache. It is like I imagined it all happened. 


So, what happened??? Was that all I get for AF? Does that even happen? Or did I just m/c and not have a clue?blush.gif Do I wait it out til AF is due in Sep? What do I do? if anything?

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My guess is that this is related to the hormones from the ring. Typically it takes a couple of months to go back to normal after using hormonal birth control, so my guess is that you're experiencing perhaps some anovulatory bleeding and wacky CM patterns, but I'm not a doctor. I hope everything goes back to normal soon!!!
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Thanks... It's all throwing me for a loop because I had been on various iterations of the pill for years and never had a reaction coming off- and the ring supposedly much lower hormones... (btw I have also dropped 4lb and 3% body fat since pulling the ring....)
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I am pregnant!

and I have a sizable "bleed" in the utuerus that is why the gushing mess.  Could go either way I guess. Kind of numb, I want to be thrilled and start thinking about moving stuff around in my house and shopping for a bigger vehicle, but it is an iffy situation I guess. 

Thanks for listening!!!

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