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Sounds like there are plenty of crafty mamas here.  I'm curious- what are you making other than a baby?


I've made some clothes for myself, crocheted wool soakers, making leggings now, a hat and a blanket.  And some baby sweaters/vests.  I have a blog, over here. With many of the things I've made and other things about us.

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I've given up anything knit/crocheted.  I love doing it, it's peaceful and relaxing and I'm OK at it, neat stitches etc - but I am SO, SLOW.  It takes me weeks to make a simple dishcloth, and months for a simple scarf.  I can pick up a knit hat at the thrift store for like $2, or spend months making it, hmm, no comparison there for me.


I do, however, embroider like mad.  I'm making everyone's Christmas presents that way.  I enjoy it and it doesn't go so slowly for me.  I also am making some new prayer flags for the boy's room, and a felt garland or twelve... and I'm always doing little felt projects.  Basically I make simple "line-art" designs by cutting out shapes and assembling them into picutres on felt and then sewing them down.  I don't know if that makes sense.  DS got a truck and a spotted mushroom, DD got a mermaid, now I'm making some autumn scenes.  They come out looking pretty neat - even though I use the cheapie polyester felt, not the good wool stuff.

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I'm a slooooow knitter.  My list of things I would like to knit far exceeds the amount of time I have to knit!  I've started a pair of longies but haven't picked them up in a few weeks now.  

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Tiqa- I'd love to see a picture of what you do- the "line drawings" your talking about.

I am the worst knitter on the planet.  I am a fabulous crocheter- i even teach classes sometimes.  I love take along projects.

I sew when I can get my head clear enough for it, but it isn't so often lately....

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I haven't done a lot of knitting... if I had, I'd be making some adorable newborn longies!!!


I haven't started anything for the baby yet - right now I'm converting a few second-hand skirts to maternity.


I will be doing some sewing for this LO.  I've picked the Fishsticks Designs layette for this babe... have a pair of snap pliers coming so I can do the sleepers, but I'm really looking forward to the lap tees.  A friend did these for her baby and they are soooo cute!!!  I'm looking forward to picking fabrics :)

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There is an example of one in the sidebar on [the beginnings of] my blog.  http://sparkle-school.blogspot.com  (Is that even OK to mention on here?)  That's one of the first ones I did about a year ago, and the others are a bit more complex than it, but I liked it well enough.  If I find my camera wire I'll post some of the other ones.

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Crafting here as well. I'm all thumbs with yarn but have really gotten into seeing since my son was born. I've managed a couple maternity skirts so far. Once I get flannel I plan on simple surging a ton of cloth wipes. I think I may experiment with making some diapers this time. I also want to make a bunch if reversible pants for this little girl. Winter baby and two layers of flannel sounds like a good combination.

My mom will be quilting for the babe, and since I have about 8 of her quilts in the house, I don't think I'll craft in that direction.
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oh tiqa!  that is really neat.

Patchchild- I remember falling asleep at the machine making cloth wipes from a thrifted flannel sheet for my son.  but i didn't have a serger so it was slow going... :)

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I spend a lot of time crocheting and sewing with a wee bit of knitting thrown in. So far I've knitted a small blanket, crocheted about three hat/bootie sets(made out of reallllly soft fluffy bamboo yarn). Sewed a dozen cute flannel prefolds, a few burp cloths and made about 3 dozen small flannel wipes. I've also crocheted a big granny square lap  afghan and am working on a large circular (crocheted) comfy afghan to labor in in the winter :D  I've got a few more projects I would like to complete as long as this awesome crafty mood holds out!

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I have been busy making things, so far nothing for the new baby but I am working on making a California king size quilt out of rip stop nylon for my DH, it has seriously been the hardest thing I have ever made. I need it to be done by the end of September and I'm not even halfway there yet. I just learned to knit in the last year so I am very slow still but I made my DS a dead fish hat for Christmas and I am now working on one for my mom for Christmas. I want to make DH one too. I also want to make rag quilts for the new baby and for my DS. The thought of knitting an entire baby blanket scares me to death! Luckily my mom will crochet one and my aunt will knit one.
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My knitting/sewing projects are on hold until after we move in late Sept/early Oct. Just the name of the game. Also want to know what it is so I can choose some awesome yarn! :-) I have a sweet pilot cap I'm going to make, I think I'll do it for all 3 kids in different colors in wool for the winter. Just need to get what I need and study the pattern et al. I plan on making some serious baby stuff once we move though.

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Cleaning out a closet today I found one of our old flannel sheets. DH is rough on sheets and we always get holes in the fitted one. I see wipes sooner in my future than I had planned!
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My DH is rough on sheets too, it's so weird! He must kick around in his sleep or something, because he literally wears the threads from his knees to his feet bare. He put a giant hole in a super nice fitted sheet (though admittedly it was about 4 years old and had heavy use).

As for what I'm making, I have a sweater on the needles for both DD and DH, socks for me, and a scarf for my mom. I'm finishing up some other small items for sale (raising money for our home birth!), but after that it's baby knitting time! I have the yarn for Henry's blanket, a stuffed animal (elephant maybe?), and a jacket/sweater. I have DD's newborn hat out already, so I don't need to make another one of those. I made swaddling blankets for DD too, so those just need to be pulled out of the closet. I'll get to buy some boy things, but I mostly have everything I need already in neutral colors smile.gif Woot!