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Natural remedies?

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I'm having some anxiety and depression but my appointment isn't until the 10th. I have Sam e and st Johns wart in the house but not sure how they interact with breastmilk. My baby is 6 months.

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i am so glad you have an appointment, i just wish you wouldn't have to wait so long hug.gif


i would call the motherisk helpline: 1-877-439-2744


they will be able to tell you what is safe and what isn't . here is the link



please let us know how things go.

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PlusEPA I recomend as a  breastfeeding safe antidepressent. It is made from fish oil and they say it is proven as good as Prozac for depression in clinical study.


I am pregnant and will begin taking it soon. I took it before becoming pregnant, for depression

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Wanted to update to say that I had my appt yesterday and was diagnosed with postparthm ocd and was prescribed a conservative dose if zoloft, only 50 Mg. I also have the EPA supplements mentioned above, hoping to stay on a low dose but ocd is generally treated with higher doses than those for depression. I'll keep taking both the zoloft and Epa. Going to start cognitive behaviour therapy as well.

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I used st johns, sam e, rescue remedy, white willow bark, pulsatilla, magnesium, really good diet, lots of water and support from family.
It's so hard. Sending u love:joy:o
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oops double posted 

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Ive tried alot of natural herbal mood remedies, the one that really helped me alot after the birth was Sceletium Tortuosum (I used the tincture from sceletiumdrops.com)

My husband often put the drops in our daily smoothies after the birth, I found it helped me alot with the anxiety, the tension, and the mental spinning that came during the first few weeks and months after the birth and it REALLY helped ease my mind and body during the sleep deprived hormone imbalance phase.  The sceletium made all the craziness and emotional waves much more manageable, taking them down from being like a rollercoaster to being a  nice relaxing river.  For me sceletium helps get into the state of peace more easily, realizing that everything is OK and not just submitting to the emotional turmoil that the hormones would otherwise put me through.

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Hi Kaydove, 

My suggestion is better to join in mother groups. It provides you more info on different aspects regarding the pregnancy , baby care. It protects you from depression.

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I did join mother groups but the several I joined were not a good fit for me and I didn't find one that was until 8 months, after I already was on medication. The meds helped me get out of the house and participate. I do not believe it protects you from depression and actually think that's not sound advice. 

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