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The heartburn just started up for me this week, at 18 weeks.  I had it pretty badly in my last pregnancy, too.  I took papaya enzymes then, but have heard some mixed info. about them for pregnancy since then, so the last few days I have just been taking Pepcid AC.  Anyone have any other heartburn remedies?

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Ugh... that sucks. I had heartburn really bad with my other two pregnancies, but luckily haven't had it this time (yet). 


The only thing that worked for me after trying just about everything considered pregnancy safe was baking soda and water. 

Mix about 1/4 tsp of baking soda in 4-6oz of water and chug (because it doesn't taste very good). Immediate relief.  


Also, try avoiding the foods that are causing you heartburn.  

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My midwife recommended that I take a shot (2 tablespoons) of apple cider vinegar each day to help balance my body's pH (Bragg's ACV with the mother), but it is also supposed to help with heartburn. I started having heart burn again this time at 19 weeks, started he ACV today, and at least I didn't have heart burn today!
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Thanks, Clarasmama - do you just drink it straight, or put it in water or something else? 

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I have been having a lot of issues with heartburn also, I tried the baking soda thing but at soon as I drank it I puked it all back up, so now I just eat a lot of tums... not exactly the best cure but they work.

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I take a shot straight from the shot glass, then chase it with a bunch of water and maybe a bite of something to get rid of the taste.  Some people dilute it in water, but I've also read that AVC can erode tooth enamel if you sip on it.  I figure if I just down it then it's nto sitting on my teeth especially when I wash it down with water afterwards.


Today was day 3 of the ACV, and I had the tiniest bit of heartburn yesterday and none so far today.  I hope that the ACV is why and I don't have to deal with heartburn anymore this pregnancy!  It was pretty awful with DD, I drank a lot of warm milk because that's all I knew to do to help it, but this has been all day relief rather than very temporary relief.

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Aloe juice! From the pulp works wonders. Haven't gotten there yet and hoping to avoid it if possible.
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