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So now I'm confused. :)

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I finally had my first prenatal today, and my suspicions were confirmed. I'm not measuring at 15wks, I'm measuring at 21 1/2 wks! No wonder the baby has been moving and kicking so much harder than I thought it should be. But, she said she wouldn't rule out twins, either... I didn't really start feeling pregnancy symptoms until the end of May, and didn't think to bother with a test until the beginning of June. I did have a period on May 4th, plus I had a few odd days of bleeding for one day then having it dry up by evening in the middle of May. I don't know what that was all about, but I still wasn't quite back to normal after having my baby in September of last year. It takes me a while to regulate after my periods come back. 
I'm so tempted to see how much an ultrasound would cost. 

She said the baby feels bigger than a 15 week old, more like a pound... closer to the 20 week size. 


Oh, well. :)

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How exciting! You don't get us, right? I would be so curious..... wonder if it is 2 or if you are just 4 weeks further along.
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Hmmm, very interesting!! Was your last period normal? 


I am measuring pretty far ahead (around 20 weeks at just under 15), which isn't really my norm so I am wondering about twins too. I don't get u/s either, so I'm just waiting.


I hope you get some answers soon!!

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No, I have always done everything at home with a midwife. This time I'm sure tempted to see the baby/ies. :) I'll probably just wait it out and see how the next prenatal goes. The hard part will be not knowing exactly what stage of pregnancy I'm in. I've always loved keeping track week by week what's going on, and how big the baby is supposed to be. Now it's all a big mystery. So, I wonder if it will be Dec or Jan?

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Oh, and yes, the period on May 4th was a normal one, but I don't know what was with the 3 or 4 different days of light spotting that month. I did have to wear a pad for a whole day, then the next week it would happen again. Strange.

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Hmm if May 4th was a normal period isn't it impossible for you to be 20-ish weeks along if it's just a singleton? Even if you ovulated during your period and conceived right away, you would still be around 17 weeks. Curious how this turns out for you! It must be hard to not completely know what's going on.

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My last period started May 3. Im measuring almost 22 weeks- and I have two babies in there :)

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Mine was April 30th measuring 16 weeks.  I kinda doubt there is just one in your belly! 

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whoah!  that's exciting!  my last period was april 27th, but i always measure big and high and i'm still right on track for my body.  i would measure as much as 2 months ahead by some midwives measurements, but the utlrasound always confirmed the dates.  this sounds like something adventurous for sure!  keep us posted!

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My first pregnancy (miscarriage at 10 weeks) I had a "normal period" at 4 weeks. I tested a few days later based on a gut feeling, so I knew my dates, but it's not uncommon to have bleeding, even quite heavy, in early pregnancy. Good luck figuring out how to proceed!
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Sweetestday- do you do doppler checks?  Your midwife could listen for 2 heartbeats if so.  Even with a fetoscope she could try to find 2, if that's what you're both thinking might be the case.


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Just back from vacation. Oh, some of you are scaring me.  So I'm measuring the same as the ones with twins? I keep thinking it may have just been some early bleeding that I thought was a period. My mom had that with one of her babies. It would be really exciting to have twins, I know, but it does scare me. :) My MW used a doppler, and was pretty sure it was only one heart beat, though at one point she said it was bouncing across from one side to the other... my husband was sure it was two heart beats on separate sides. Oh, boy.

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Just to let you know, I've only been able to hear my twins heartbeats on doppler twice, but both times they just sounded like echos of the other heartbeat. Just sayin'  love.gif

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Wouldn't that just be so funny if I have twin boys? :D

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I saw your belly pic.. I wouldn't be surprised if there is more than one in there! orngbiggrin.gif How fun!

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