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Thought some of you might like this

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This is a site i stumbled apon somewhere...im not sure where...but some of the statments on here are absolutely ridiculous!

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So funny. I was just talking about this site tonight! Thanks for the link
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Some funny, some just sad!


I'll add one, My OB told me the last time he measured by stomach that he knew a good plastic surgeon - he wasn't kidding

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HA, ColoradoMama that is hilarious and ridiculous! I would have been speechless.

Thanks for posting Silvermoonmama. :)

When we went for our 20 week ultrasound the OB printed a series of 3-4 photos at the end and set them on the table.  When we went to leave I picked them up because I assumed they were for us, and she said, "Oh did you want photos? Those are mine, next time you should tell me if you want photos". irked.gif


-- And after it was all done she mentioned that she would 'check the baby's sex better next time' (leaving us in doubt of her assessment) even though at the beginning of the appt we'd discussed that this was the last u/s we would have for this pregnancy.  Sooo glad she was just our shadow care as we transferred fully to the midwife. 

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ColoradoMama - I would have said "Really, what are you going to have surgury on??"

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oh my word how rude is that, i think i would have been OH GOOD SWEETY! I WAS FEELING BAD ABOUT YOU HAVING TO LIVE OUT THE REST OF YOUR LIFE LOOKING LIKE THAT!!!! mischievous.gif


lol when i first started reading this i thought of when i had my first daughter and i was talking with my OB at the time about what i could do to avoid tearing and she said with a loud and amused tone " oh this is your first baby you ARE GOING TO TEAR!" ..... ugh wow ok then.... thank goodness i ended up with a midwife and..oh yeah no tear.... sigh

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Makes me happy to have my OB.  She's wonderful! 

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You guys made me laugh, I was speechless I wish I would have thought of your responses. Luckily I love my Dr. or I would have killed him - I just blankly stared at him, what an idiot to say that to anyone, let alone a pregnant women  -- just shows how clueless some Dr.'s are.  Your responses are priceless though!

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OMG, some of those are outrageous! 

I get a link on fb to some comments on there every once in a while.  Sometimes they are even posted by people I know.

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The OB that did my first US told us "Well, it looks like there is only one, but you never know, sometimes twins can be laying right on top of each other and look like one baby.." DH's face drained of all color lol.gif 

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