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32w, Baby A breech - Anyone BTDT?

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I'm trying to manage expectations and keep being optimistic that Baby A will turn. I know 32w is early still. However, yesterday my scan/appt included the phrase "we'll schedule your c-section for..." and I am deeply unhappy about that. My practice is definitely not knife-happy, and will deliver a breech B. However, they absolutely will not do a breech A, citing chin locking. From what I'm reading, that is a fictive risk for di-di twins, but I do not feel confident enough about that yet. (Also, while there are several doctors experienced in delivering babies breech, their procedure is to do an internal version on a breech B as a matter of course, in a vertex A/breech B delivery. So they are not really keen on breeches, in short.) My doctor told me it is certainly possible that Baby A will turn, but that his tush is nestled in my pelvis so it's not looking remarkably likely. They are measuring avg size for twins, small for a singleton, and almost the same in size. Sooo...


If you had a breech A at this point, what was the outcome? Did baby turn?


Anyone successful at using a technique or combo of techniques to turn a breech A at this point (after 32w)?


Anyone deliver a breech A?


Can anyone share their thinking process as to whether to consent to a section in the event that A is breech and B vertex? Or other info on frank breech vag birth assuming a term delivery? 


Thank you!!

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are you ok with planning to go into labor for a while and then do the c section at that point if everyone agrees it is still warranted? because a lot can happen in the powerful forces of early labor. i felt my twin b move a ton in very early labor before things got rhythmic.  and i will say that between 32 weeks and when i went into labor at 35w6d by baby b flipped not once but twice, confirmed by ultrasound (once while they were watching) and my baby a turned completely around front to back long after her head was super lodged in my pelvis (she had been in the same position since 18 weeks!) and went sunny-side up in reaction to a kick from her brother and then it took her nearly a week to go face down again, but i could feel her working on it and she got there. so there was certainly room for movement!

i would also think that even if you need a section, at least you can keep them in there every last day you can and let them say when to go. it seems like that may be a good think to look into.  also then even with a section, your body and the babies will benefit from some of the natural hormones that start to circulate during labor.

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Just to give you a little hope, my Baby A just turned vertex at 34 weeks.  She had been breech every ultrasound until now.  We had actually scheduled the c-section and then wham! - she's head down. 


Have you tried going to a chiropractor?  Mine does the Webster technique and it can work with twins.

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I agree, still lots of time for movement.  If you can manage, you can try to increase that space by using the knee-chest position for 10-15 min a day or so (or as long as you can stand it).  Stick your tush way up in the air and your shoulders on the floor.  I've heard of this position being effective even in labor (with singletons) as it allows gravity to pull babe out of the pelvis a bit.  Can't see any reason it wouldn't work with twins.  Room gets tight, but not that tight.

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Thank you, wise women! Good stuff here as always, and so encouraging to me. Luckily my OB wasn't asking me to schedule the section until 39w, so definitely a big yes to waiting to see if time and perhaps even early labor will do the trick. I'd push for as late as possible (assuming reassuring signs) if that is the scenario and I think my doctors would be fine with that. I've never been to a chiropractor before, but I am absolutely going to look into it. I wasn't sure if the Webster technique would work with twins so that is good to know. And I'll try the elevated tush pose for sure! It is so, so good to know that the babies still have the room and propensity to flip from those who have experienced it. I am feeling extra positive about the possibility!

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Original Poster (GOZAL)...so sorry to be super stalkerific, but I saw in a previous post that you commented on in 2011 that you have a prolactinoma.  I also have one of these and would LOVE to pick your brain on the subject.  It took 2 years for hubs and I to conceive our daughter and I am getting nervous about trying to conceive baby #2.  I see that you are expecting twins and would love to talk with you about your journey of trying to conceive with a prolactinoma.  I tried to send you a private message and got an error message that I don't have permissions to send private messages.  Not sure if it's possible to one-on-one chat with this site.  If not, would you be up for emailing me?  My email is jenalynn83@gmail.com and my name is Jen.  Thanks so much!

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Jenica - I just PM'ed you, but let me know if it doesn't arrive and I'll email you directly!

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Hey!  I'm 31 weeks today with mono-di twins.  My A was breech at our last scan and we have one tomorrow, so I'll know more then.  A friend had mono-di twins and her A went head down after some accupuncture and moxibustion.  I have been doing the inversions (butt up in the air) for a few weeks now and also floating around on my stomach in our hot tub (temp turned down since its summer) to allow all the muscles/ligaments to relax and give babes room to move in a hammock like environment! 

I'll be thinking head down thoughts for you!

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Right back at ya, QM! Good for you for sticking to those inversions! I have to admit, I tried a few times but they make me feel so awful (I can't breathe and end up with a coughing fit) that I have not been keeping up with them. Spinning Babies does warn about that at this stage, but I am still frustarted as it seems like something constructive I can do myself, at home, without much effort, you know? I am really interested in trying either/both moxa and Webster and am currently trying to find a good practitioner for each in my area. I have another scan today too and am hoping that all my talking to Baby A and positive thinking have encouraged him to migrate... Keep me posted, okay?

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I just added my message to this thread, but feel free to email your response so as not to bog down this thread.  :)  jenalynn83@gmail.com

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Jenica, I would be happy to continue our discussion by email you but please delete my real name right away - I am very private about sharing info online, that is why I put it in the PM. Thanks! 

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Sorry about that...I just took care of it now.

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Gonzal, i reported the post, not because there was anything wrong with it, but just as a way to get it held for a little while so the names could be taken out for you. i really understand keeping mothering a safe place to talk with out our names and hope that helped out.  the post will come back after a moderator looks it over for us.

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hhaha looks like we all acted all at the same time!, ill go tell the mod that they can replace the post now that it got edited.

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Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your sensitivity! Are we an awesome community or what? Jenica, I am not sure I will get to that email today but I promise I will over the weekend - lots to say!

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As of yesterday morning our A was finally head down.  B is transverse.  And, A was on my left and now is on my right!  At every scan (every 2 weeks) they are in completely different positions!  Hope we hold A vertex till the end.  I'm not sure any of the inversions and floating in the hot tub helped...gotta think that these babes do know what to do on their own!  I''m sure yours will too.  I'll be watching to see what happens with your little ones!

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QM, that is awesome news!! I am so happy to hear it. Now you can go a-walkin' hoping that little head nestles into your pelvis! I agree, I really believe my babe knows what he is doing and is just waiting until closer to labor. He is still floating on the one hand, but has been breech for a long time, on the other. I keep saying that he doesn't want everyone sitting on his head until closer to birth day. Makes sense, right? I should have more news tomorrow...

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My Twin A was born breech. We actually did get him to turn using pulsatilla and the webster technique but he turned back. There is a lot of great info on the spinning babies website. Sorry if all of this info has been said before. I am too tired to read through all of it right now.  My twin's birth story is up on my blog http://crunchytwinmom.blogspot.com and you are welcome to email me directly if you want to talk kristenly83 at gmail dot com

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So A is still breech (frank breech). I keep being told no way will he turn. I keep not listening. The #1 thing that keeps going through my mind is that I simply cannot imagine not holding my babies when they are born. I just can't. I start to cry thinking about being strapped to a table and not able to have them on me. 


kristenly, first of all wow your blog! So happy to have found it! Your boys' birth story is exhilerating and also so difficult because of all that hospital BS. I had a generally positive hospital birth with my first but your story really brings back a lot of intense frustration and even anger I had forgotten about. Thank you so much, I will send you an email. I may be able to find one doctor (about 2 hrs away door-to-door) that will deliver A breech and am trying to decide what to do. I am sort of scared to speak with his office because I'm afraid he'll say no and then I'll have no options.

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