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Palafer C, anyone?

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Floradix just isn't getting my iron stores up at all, so my midwife recommended Palafer C, which in Canada is an over the counter iron supplement that you have to ask for at the pharmacy. Midwife says it should get iron stores up pretty quickly. Anyone here ever tried it? What was your experience? Thanks!! I am desperate to get my iron levels up before home birth, because my blood pressure is also super low, and i'm fearful i will not have the energy to birth my baby without trouble!

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Can I ask what your blood pressure is currently?


I haven't heard of that supplement. I went to Shopper's to look for Floradix one time and asked the pharmacist if they had anything else besides the crap on the shelves and she said no. What pharmacy are you going to?

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I haven't tried that particular supplement, Floradix worked well for me, plus eliminating anything with tanins in it, green tea, coffee, choc. etc.  I try to take my supplement with vit. c and I also don't eat dairy within an hour or so of taking it.  I am sure that you have heard of all of these, but just thought I would mention them if it could help at all.  I have low blood pressure and low iron as well and I can totally relate to not having enough energy.

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Thanks for your help and replies!


 I haven't bought the Palafer C yet. My husband is planning to check Shopper's for me tonight on his way home from work. Otherwise there are some independent drug stores around we will try. If i can't find it, i will ask my midwife where she gets it, and i'll let you know!


My blood pressure is 88/60, with a heart rate of 100. I started seeing silver shards in my vision today. Lovely.

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Yellow Dock (an herb tincture) really helps boost iron levels.  I used it in conjunctions with Floradix when I had a miscarriage last June and had a lot off blood loss and it really helped!

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I get Pur Absorb at CVS, though they also well it at Whole Foods. It's made a bigger difference faster than Floradix, Nettle, Alfalfa, Chloraphyll, or anything else. I actually felt hyper the first time I took it (although my hemoglobin had been very low). I'm talking about going up a point a week with my hemoglobin. I think it absorbs better/differently, so it's less interferred with because I take it with lemonaide (for the vit C and to cover the slight metallic taste), but I then drink my daily coffee, which also has cream in it, and I still absorb it.

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Not sure how blood pressure relates, but my iron levels have been borderline (but lost a TON of blood last time and am at risk for PPD) and my blood pressure has been around 100/50.  I hated floridix last time, so I'm taking Hemaplex this time, which has quite a bit more elemental iron than the floridix (85mg vs 15mg).  Just trying to build up some reserves for birth.  

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I second yellowdock in conjunction with your iron !
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Thanks everyone!! Can you tell me if the pur absorb and the yellowdock cause constipation?

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I have not had a problem with yellow dock and constipation :)

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