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Kinda new to NFP. Need your help with self-education!

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Hello all!


I am rather new to NFP, but not really. I say that because ever since the birth of my son back in 2008, I have been using my own form of NFP I guess you could say. I keep track of my cycle and can easily tell when Im ovulating by reading my body signs.


I have been trying to decide which form of BC I want to use for a few years now. I felt like i needed another method besides NFP and 'pulling out'.


I recently had an appointment to get myself started on the pill, but chickend out. Any horomones scare me and I have been on many form of BC since highschool: The path, depo shot, the pill ect. I know that I DO NOT want any form of implant because I am convinced that I will be able to 'feel it'. My past expeirences wiith horomonal BC hasnt been 'bad' but it sure hasnt been great either. I now have a strong fear of most unnatural and doctor prescribed medications ever since going fully 'crunchy' during my second pregnany. lol.gif


So, Ive decided to stick with the tried and true NFP and protect my health. But I would like to know how to make it more effective. I want to know more about charting my fertility. I am new to this so explain it all to me as simple as you can. I would like to know what I can get started with right away.


Do any of you ladies use the 'pullout' method combined with your NFP or, when followed exactly, do you not always have to worry with 'pulling out' ?


Thanks in advance for you help! Any information to get me started would be great. luxlove.gif

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Hey there! I am going off of hormonal birth control in two months to switch to FAM/NFP in preparation for TTC beginning in May. I read a book entitled Taking Charge of Your Fertility that I highly recommend--it contains every single "What if?" you can think of and it's an excellent resource for both using NFP to get pregnant and to avoid it, instead of focusing primarily on one or the other. It was fascinating to me; I couldn't put it down!


In the book, the "rules" for pulling out or abstaining indicate that there is about a ten day window during which a backup method (which can include pulling out, but also includes a barrier method or spermicide) is necessary, and the rest of the days of the month are fair game. 


In the interest of full disclosure, we plan to pull out all days prior to the temperature shift from November to May, just to feel a bit safer. 


I hope this helps! 

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Hello there.


Thank your for recommending that book. I will be looking for it on amazon tonight. Im very excited to get it because I still have LOTS of questions, lol.


Thanks for all of the other information that you inculded as well. Very helpful!

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