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Sooo... this probably a TMI thing to ask, but I am wondering if anyone elses mucus is yellow and sometimes sticky like cement glue (or boogers). Thick? Thin? A lot or a little? This is my 6th pregnancy and you'd think I would know it all already, but I can't remember if my yellowish mucus is normal. I keep waiting for it to be brown and then red...that's how my first miscarriage started. 


I hope my question doesn't make anyone queasy!

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i had some bleeding last week but everything has settled.  Mine is mostly clear/whitish and thicker (not clumpy like a yeasty discharge at allt hough)  but when I am taking more prenatals it is definitely a brightish yellow/green colour.  I remember that from other pgs too and wouldn't be worried.  <3

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My mucus has been really yellow off and on too and after DTD a few days ago it was definitely goober-like. I've been having to wear  a panty liner every single day too. irked.gif