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Birthing in Tampa

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Dear sisters,


I am a midwife in MA and am trying to gather some options for my brother and his wife.  I think they would prefer a homebirth with a CPM but found out that tricare is no longer covering CPM care.


What would be a good option?  I know there is a nurse-midwife birth center…but in my region what I have noticed is that there is a high transport rate from CNM birth centers to the hospital so that it seems one would be better off with one of the better CNM practices in hospital.  In other words when someone transports the CNM does not have hospital privileges and the clients then get whoever is on call, which is not always a good place to be in, kwim?  What do you all think about the situation in Tampa?  If the situation is similar in Tampa, then which hospital practice is the best?


I always forget this because where I am from CNM's have yet to do homebirths, but, do CNM's that can tricare prime reimbursment homebirth in FL, and if so anyone in Tampa?


And finally, who are your favorite CPM’s, in case they change their minds?


You can pm me if you don’t want to post here.  Please give good details/reasons otherwise a reco will not mean a whole lot to me.


Thanks everyone for your help!

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Bumping for input. Any recommendations?

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Here's one you can try:


 Nora Hernando, CNM, homebirth midwife, 727-282-8993


I believe she travels to Tampa

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