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A question about toddler POO

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DS is 28 months and we are potty learning and he is having a hard time telling us BEFORE he has to poo. He will start then tell us, we rush to the toilet and he finishes.


I am wondering if the problem is that his poos are not solid or "formed". They are not necisarily runny but somewhere in between. 

So I guess my question is what does your toddlers poo look like????  a formed "log" or just a pile of runny...ish poo????



Thanks for looking at my TMI question :)

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What a great question! LOVE it!! My 16 month old has the variety pack but rarely is it solid but she's mostly BF for now. Here's a bump for your great question. 

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I think it's a learning thing still, not his poo. My 17 month old has toothpaste like consistency poo usually. If its more solid than that, then it's usually due to her skipping a day due to too much dairy. Unless its actual diarrhea, I wouldn't worry about it being hard to hold. TMI here too but gas sometimes can get confused with the need to poo and your LO is still in the stages of learning the sensation, planning for it, recognizing urgency level, etc. It's much better to have a few messes because of softer poo than to deal with constipation and possible pain or even withholding. Until recently, while diapered, he didn't have to manage the logistics of getting to the potty on time. I think in time he will sort it out. At least he is letting you know while it's in progress and is willing to poo on the potty. Those are great steps in the PL process joy.gif
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My vote is that it could be the poo and not the fact that he's still learning.  The two other posters have younger children and I remember my son's poo being less sold back then.  My son is 2 1/2 and his poops recently turned into what you've described.  Before, they were more log-ish.  ;)  It just started 2 weeks ago....but before that he would sometimes be able to tell us about it beforehand.  Now it seems like it just comes out without him realizing it was going to happen.


I actually just posted about it in this toddler forum.

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My son just turned 2 and we have been potty training for about 3 months now.  He is fine with peeing but almost always still poops in his pants.  He also has soft poos but they have always been this way.  He eats a lot of fruit and fiber and very little dairy/no meat so I figure it's normal for him.  I think it is hard for him to know when it's coming because it really does not seem to take any effort at all, just poof and there's a poo in his pants.  Hopefully he will eventually get the hang of it!  If he has a lot of gas we will try and get him to sit on the potty because that is a sign that he needs to poo that sometimes it is several hours later.  When at home he usually runs around in just training pants and I try and watch him very closely to pick up on little behaviors that may indicate a poo is coming.  We also catch it once he has started and run to the toilet so he can finish in there. Not much advice but I'd just keep doing what you are doing and he will eventually figure it out.

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