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Stroller Accessories

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I bought a Bumbleride Indie jogging stroller today because I stumbled across a lady selling it in an ad and it had such fantastic reviews and was such a steal for the price that I had to.


I absolutely adore it, but it doesn't have a cup holder and I can't seem to find one for that stroller that ships to Canada. Does anyone have any suggestions for a universal jogging stroller cup holder/parental console that you've found useful?

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Hey mama, that's a nice stroller. I was considering it myself but am going to go with the city mini GT instead. It was a close call though and would def get the indie if I found a good deal! When I tested it out it handled really well and looks gorgeous too... Have fun with it! I was thinking of purchasing the Sunshine Kids parent console to go with stroller, which would probably fit either the city mini or bumbleride. It's relatively inexpensive and received good reviews. Of course, I'm as new to this as you are!
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I bought a Phil and Ted's universal cup holder that I hated, and then bought this and loved it and still do! 



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Im got the citymini too, and Im looking for some universal cup holder and storage situation because It has no up-top storage.

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I have that linked Sunshine Kids attachment for my City Mini and have been happy with it. It's a good size and attaches securely.

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