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should i temporarily switch to formula or not?

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my 3 week old seems to have a major intestinal sensitivity going on.  


he has super watery stools with blood in them, we found a fissure and doc now says he has a hemoroid from the straining.  because hes not constipated we believe it to be something in my diet.  ive eliminated dairy and wheat and now almonds. but because that could take a while to get out of my system, the doc is recommending baby switch to a super sensitive formula to give ds2 system a relief.  i see where shes coming from and while im not completely against if it truly is whats best for him,


the problem is that breastfeeding is one of the things in life i am most passionate about for so many reasons!  i nursed ds1 for 3 years and i am planning on doing the same for ds2.  i know i would be heartbroken and devastated if we had to take a break and then worst case if he never latched on again! however, im not so selfish to not think about his little tummy.


the doc said she believes he has a sensitive tummy because of a short (8 hrs) labor and that his trunk is all congested.  


also, our herbalist recommends giving babe slippery elm for the sensitive tummy and healing gut along with probiotics and colostrum.


please please please give me all experiences mamas, i am really trying to figure out the best thing for this little man!

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Have you tried sources like Kelly Mom -- they're super great for advice about BFing. Our the Ask the Experts forum here at MDC: http://www.mothering.com/community/f/16914/linda-folden-palmer

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thanks for the link to ask the expert.  do you know how i would start a new thread under ask the expert?  i cant seem to find anywhere to click on:)

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Personally, I'd give it a few more days. I don't know anything about the long labor vs. short labor making a baby have tummy issues. DD had sensitivites at first, and I had a 12 hour labor with her. DS had no problems and I had a 3 hour labor.


IMO, I would keep nursing him and let him work his stuff out. If it's still like that in a few days I might switch just for a few feedings.


When did it start?

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Is it possible you have an overactive letdown?



I don't see how formula will help if it is a food sensitivity issue, unless you are going to give a dairy-free, soy-free formula, and even then it might cause more harm than good.  I highly recommend you meet with an IBCLC.

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Ihad to be on a really strict ed with my last and never considered putting her on formula. I agree with pp that it could cause its own problems,  because baby will be getting those potential allergens directly then. And the overactive let down mention is a good one too. Lookinto that and consider block feeding, all feedings in a 4 hour block from the same breast then switch, and see if that helps.

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Originally Posted by nycmom18 View Post

thanks for the link to ask the expert.  do you know how i would start a new thread under ask the expert?  i cant seem to find anywhere to click on:)

Her link seems to be broken - I'll see if I can ask someone about that. 


Check these two links for "reply to" experts who may have some help for you: 





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thank everyone!  I agree that i dont feel like the formula would do any good, im just not seeing a connection with my diet anyway as his painful stools are irregular.  but im keeping upo eliminating and have journal keeping track of it all as well.  Ill look into the overactive letdown, could that cause bloody stools or just watery ones?  i would be totally scared of infection though like i had with ds 1.  

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Have you seen an IBCLC yet?

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no i have not.  i started to block feed last night and it seemed as though he wasnt as fussy, so possibly hes getting much more hind milk even though i thought he was already based on the mushiness of my breast when he was done:)  

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im also wondering if chiropractic might help?  I have heard it to be useful in colic babies, so i imagine it strengthens the digestive system.

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I'm no expert in medical issues, but my guess is that you breastmilk is the best thing he can have right now. You have no guarantee he'll tolerate formula and you may risk losing your milk or not getting him back to the breast afterwards.

Both my dk had watery stools as newborns, but they didn't seem to be bothered by it.

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