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Family time vs. energy limitations

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I'm hoping for some quick feedback. My younger son turns 3 soon, and his small party is at our house on Sunday. For his gift, we gave him a choice between a local train ride (half day activity- pikes peak cog railway) or a local hiking area with dinosaur footprint fossils (dinosaur ridge) for this Saturday. He chose the dinosaur place, which means far more up time on an already busy weekend. I was really looking forward to this weekend until I realized I am overwhelmed by this much activity on our last pre-term weekend (36w2d today).

Would it be better to go the entire family as planned, but shorten the time we're out, or send DH with the boys so I can rest and do more baby and/or party prep? If it weren't his birthday gift, I'd be happy to leave DH to it, but I'm sad to think of this as not a whole family activity. I also think the boys may have a better time if not restricted by my limited energy levels.

What do y'all think?
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Oh that is a really hard one. Is there one decision that will make you sad/disappointed/guilty more than the other?  Is there one that you'd PREFER to do and feel fine about?  Maybe go through the day in your mind and see how you feel with the different options?  I hope you figure this out.  It's so hard to find time to do all the things you want to do, and relax at the end of pregnancy.

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Wow, that worked itself out! There's a huge bike race that interferes with the dinosaur trip, so we'll do that next weekend when there's no party planning and cleaning up.
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Yah! Sometimes fate helps you out a bit :-)


My DH had planned two get-togethers this weekend without really asking me (he "asked" after he said yes to them - on his side, they are normally things I would say yes to but right now at 37 weeks, I want to say no to everything I can!). I wasn't happy about it, but then one thing got cancelled because of the other party involved. So now he is out of the doghouse, I didn't have to be the party pooper and we'll try again when I'm feeling more social. 

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