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Herbal Birth Prep and VBAC?

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Hi Ladies,


I am planning on using Dr. Christopher's birth prep to prepare for my upcoming vbac in January. Has anyone used this herbal birth prep - or any other type of birth prep - to prepare for there vbac? If so, how do you feel it affected labor? I was in labor 56 hours last time before the c-section, and I'm hoping that using Dr. C's or something similar will help me to have a more timely labor. 


Any thoughts or experiences?

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I have never heard of Dr. C's.  I used something called Gentle Birth starting at Week 36.  My midwives swear by it.  They also have all their VBACs take a supplement called Pituitropin the whole last trimester.  My husband was very anxious about me taking these things but I trusted them.  I had a successful VBAC after about 12 or so hours of labor, 30 minutes of pushing.  I also had been going to the chiropractor 3x a week and had acupuncture the day before I had baby at 41w1d.


I have no idea how the supplements impacted my labor but I would definitely take them again - I don't feel they had any ill effects and I really couldn't have asked for things to go any better than they did.  Good luck!!

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Thanks so much for sharing your experince with gentle birth - I hadn't heard of the other supplement, but I looked it up and I'm guessing it would be good for maintaining hormonal health. Did your midwives say what other reasons they recommend Pituitropin? I'm interested to know more about it.


Hopefully I have a straighforward birth as you describe having with the Gentle Birth and Pituitropin!!! I have been going to chiro faithfully all this pregnancy, and hope it will help in my birth as well :)

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The only thing about Dr. C's is that, for some women, it can actually make them go later than usual.  My sister in law had normal birth times until she started Dr. C supplements, and the next two babies were all in the 42nd week.  She stopped taking it.  Not everyone reacts like that, but herbs work differently with different people at different doses, that's all.  If you like it, and it seems to wrok for you, awesome.


My basic theory is, if you like the food item that the herb comes from, its probably not bad for you.  I have heard that raspberry leaf tea can encourage Braxton hicks, and, theoretically, help shorten labor.  Never tried it but I LOVE RRL tea, so I will be happily indulging myself the last month or so. 

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