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lost mucous plug

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Hi all,


I know this can happen and mean nothing but I am freaking out a little. I lost a small piece around 5 and now at 11 clearly the whole thing  has dislodged, there was a lot a lot a lot of mucous. Sorry if that is gross for you. Anyway when I lost  a baby to miscarriage my last pregnancy I  lost my mucous plug and the baby was born a few hours later. I am just scared I am 34 weeks, 3 days. I called my Dr. but got the on call who was just like don't worry about it. I am worried. My water hasn't broke and I am having contractions but I have had them the whole pregnancy. Anyway not sure the point of this thing just scared and feel helpless. Babies please stay in!!!!!

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I'm sorry you got blown off like that by the on call! Since you are only 34 weeks, if you are feeling scared and unsure - don't hesitate to just go in and tell them you think you might be in labor! The worse that could happen is you get there and discover that nothing is happening and you get sent home - but you will have peace of mind and I think its worth it. Big hugs to you and keep us updated!

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I lost a huge amount of my mucus plug (I could have sworn it was the whole thing) my last pregnancy a full 2 weeks before I went into labor. Then I lost a lot more the day before. So what you think may be all of it, could just be part of it. Either way, if you're this worried, go ahead and go to L&D to be monitored to give yourself peace of mind. I would drive myself crazy with worry, too.

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Same here. I lost it from 36 weeks on with every internal exam the doctor did. The first time I was excited, in the end it didn't do NOTHING.


I agree with Worldshakerz though, if it gives you peace of mind, please go in and get checked out. Better be safe than sorry. Good luck.

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Yes, if I were you I'd go in as well. Just for peace of mind.

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How are you feeling, now, Colorado Mama?
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Sorry just got home from L&D. All is well, babies are in still and healthy. I just debated all night and couldn't sleep so this morning I finally just went on in. Thanks for all of the encouragement. I feel a lot calmer now and am trying to just be happy that things are progessing but hopefully at a slow rate. I keep loosing more even though that seems impossible but trying to just maintain an inner calm, easier said than done. Thank God for this board you help keep me sane.

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Glad to hear that you and the babies are still doing well.  Like the other mamas said, I think it really varies from person to person and from pregnancy to pregnancy.  With my first, I lost it slowly over about a week before he was born and with the twins it came out over two days after a stretch and sweep, then they were born the next day. 

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That's good news, I'm glad all is well :).

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My last two pregnancies I lost the mucus plug. With DD1 I lost it two weeks before labor began and she was born at 38 weeks and then with DD2 I lost it at 38 weeks because of a sweep but still ddnt go into labor until the exact day I was due. This time around I have been losing chunks for the pat week but I know mucus plugs can grow back so I am not at all worried that I am only 35 weeks. Hope everything works out for the best for you. Those are my personal experiences and I think loss of my mucus plug didn't have much to do with when I actually went into labor although for most people it does.
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Glad you are in a good place, co mama. Understand being worried!

What's the difference betw losing your plug and heavy or thicker mucus? I don't recall losing it with DS, but definitely have the latter this time.
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Originally Posted by Carson View Post

Glad you are in a good place, co mama. Understand being worried!
What's the difference betw losing your plug and heavy or thicker mucus? I don't recall losing it with DS, but definitely have the latter this time.

I have been having that issue with this pg also (thicker mucus). My MW told me that it's because everything is a little looser down there once you have had a baby so you will have more mucusy discharge earlier than with the first. I hope that helps!

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For me, and this may be more information than you want, but I have had a thicker mucous discharge and more of it for a few weeks but then I have had a total of three distinct globs that were not in anyway like my discharge - they were like quarter size in width and maybe half an inch thick. It is one of those, you'll know if it happens things. I didn't loose it with my first successful pregnancy, or may I lost it slowly over weeks and didn't know. But there was no question this time.  But It does make sense that things are looser on a subsequent pregnancy.

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Coloradomama, I'm so glad everything's fine! That quarter inch wide, half inch thick does sound unmistakeable!

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No tmi here! If you open a thread on mucous plug, whadya expect! orngtongue.gif. I do appreciate that info especially on subsequent pg.
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