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May I just say?

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I feel quite like an injured and diseased hippopotamus. bag.gif At least what I imagine a diseased and injured hippo would feel like.


I usually feel beautiful and sexy and *powerful* when I'm pregnant. loveeyes.gif This time, I feel icky. Waddle-y. Ungainly.


I am a good 20 pounds heavier than I normally am at this stage of pregnancy and I am experiencing all sorts of new and embarrassing problems that I attribute to the ghastly weight gain. angry.gif


Thighs rubbing together and causing a rash so I cannot walk or make love? Check.


Vulvar swelling? Check.


Waddling? Check.


Break-outs? Check.


Heels cracked and painful? Check.


Incontinence when laughing or sneezing? Check.


These symptoms are all new to me. They suck. I want them to GO AWAY. hopmad.gif


How are you mamas all feeling??? Any other injured and diseased hippos? Or just radiant and lovely pregnant ladies?

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Injured and diseased hippo here. I feel like I have done an intense lower body workout and my muscles from hips down are on the verge of failure. Trouble is I have *not* done any sort of workout, I feel like that 24hrs a day and I am caring for an active toddler. Yay!

I also have the sneeze and wee routine. Not every time but sometimes.

Swelling and waddling - yep.

And I have what is probably tendonitis in my right foot so I am hobbling and waddling.

Unfortunately this is more or less how I felt last time too, only last time I didn't have a toddler. I felt better the morning after my caesar than I did when I was pregnant.

I'm trying to savor and enjoy what is most likely going to be my last pregnancy but it's not easy.

ETA - oh and how could I forget my nipples, which feel as though they have been burned, making breastfeeding a particularly enjoyable experience at the moment. And they don't just hurt when I feed either. I've started wearing cloth breast pads for some extra protection against the lightest breeze brushing against them but it doesn't help.

I think I'm finished now.
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*giggle*  I'm sorry ladies, I"m not laughing at you, with you.  The last trimester is always fun, isn't it?  Although I still take last trimester crap over the nausea (that still is a challenge for me), it does make pregnancy....uh...interesting.  For me, the big challenge is the strain on my round ligaments and all other tissues that attach onto my pubic bone.  Rolling over in bed, I feel like my pubic symphysis is separating.  Ouch.  


But really, it's just that and sheer exhaustion for me.  I am not sleeping well so just tired tired tired.  And my husband is building us a cottage up north so he is away Friday-Sunday every weekend so I'm taking after a 6 year old and a 3 year old who are quite active as 3 and 6 year olds should be.  I feel like a really bad mom for asking them for quiet time all the time....TV has admittedly become a good distraction but I just don't care all that much.  It sounds terrible.....

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surrender.gifme, me.  I am tired of being pregnant and I know I'll only get bigger and *more* awkward as the days progress.


-I didn't have this many pimples as a teen!

-I have this lovely raccoon eye mask thing developing, it's sexy :(

-My feet....I don't even know where to start.  I was getting pedicures, but last time they nearly ripped my toe nail off.  I tried to convince dh that if he gave me a half hour salt scrub then oil leg and foot message, we could save forty bucks and he'd probably get some sex.  He knew I was lying.

-sex.  I commented on that in another thread, I don't think I need to rehash that.

-my hips/joints/round ligaments.  Last time I had separation, this is differant.  If there's something in that area that can move or stretch, it is killing me.  I can't sit in most chairs, I can't sit on the couch with my legs straight out, I can't roll over in bed (I kinda have to throw myself making sure I don't twist my torso), I can barely get up off the floor or from a sit.  We bought a king mattress and don't have a bed frame yet. it's on the floor.  Getting off the floor and into a standing position so that I can then sit on the toilet in the middle of the night, often more then once, is harder then it should be.  Ever.

-why is my stomach still unsettled?  Aat my last appt I had just gained back the weight I had lost in the first tri, This should be over by now!

then there are the little things:stuffy nose, smell sensitivity, night sweats...


If I were a hippo, I would make an excellent target for predators.

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Feeling great if it weren't for the dislocated tailbone, pubic symphysis, and two ribs.... thanks, kid!


Totally a hippo.

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Not quite at diseased hippo status...yet.  Heading in that direction, though. 

The vulvar/vaginal swelling and it's stifling effects on the sex life don't, as faithsfuff said so eloquently, need to be rehashed.  But may I add that the relief that floods my nether parts when I finally sit down after making dinner, returning from the grocery store, standing for a long shower, doing anything really that requires me to stand longer than 5 minutes, is so powerful that it gives me more pleasure than sex possibly could right now.  So I guess what I'm saying is that sitting down is better than sex at the moment.  Wow.  


Also the feet.  I'm finally using a couple of spa gift certificates tonight for brow wax, pedicure, and massage.  I know that the experience will also be way better than diseased hippo sex.   

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Oh, you made me giggle so much with the "diseased and injured hippopotamus" comment...because I'm right there with you. Or at least I feel that way - I probably just complain too much because I know other women have it much harder. I feel like my pelvis is put together wrong and have been telling people I feel like a walrus waddling around. Oh, and heartburn showed up for the first time today. Lovely!

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Because I live on the Oregon Coast, images of stranded marine mammals come to mind when I consider how I feel lying in bed or getting up from bed. A month ago, I was at the seal stage. Now at 28 weeks, I've reached sea-lion dimensions. At some point, I expect to become a waddling walrus, but I'm reserving the whale designation for the very end. 

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