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Anyone else starting to get horrible insomnia?

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Today is night 4 for me... I wake up at 2 or 3 am and I can't get back to bed till about 6. Of course, at that point I only get another hour of sleep before DD wakes me up, all revved and ready to play. So, any other MDC mamas in the same boat? If so, are you using any remedies, teas, etc to help?

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Almost every night! I fall asleep, sleep a few hours and then am up ~2am or so, usually for at least an hour. What works for me are audio books. I'll put one on, using my phone, and usually fall back asleep within 15 minutes. Sometimes it doesn't work and I have to listen for up to an hour before falling asleep again. But listening to a story keeps me from stressing on not being asleep.

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DS has been suddenly wetting the bed early in the mornings and I've had a hard time falling back asleep after that.  Dealing with the mess wakes me up too much, and then I just can't get comfortable.  And I'm laying there stewing about how to get ds to stop wetting the bed.  I second listening to a book.  I listen to something I've already read, so I'm not too caught up in wanting to know what happens to fall asleep.  Also, moving to the couch helped the other day.  My shoulders and pubic bone were too sore in the bed, so I brought tons of pillows to the couch and propped myself mostly upright and hugged a big fat  pillow. 

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I get this a lot. Taking magnesium before bed definitely helps me get into a deeper sleep and fall back asleep easier when I wake up to pee or turn all my cushions. But otherwise I find eating a snack with some warm milk helps me.

Nights are pretty miserable for me though. Even if I'm sleepy my body gets so achy and I am up nearly every hour to pee. I am so tired these days but I dread going to bed bc I know the nights are really hard to get thru!

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Another one not sleeping well here. Magnesium also helps me get to sleep a little quicker after all the wake-ups, but if DS really wakes me (or DH has a coughing fit like he's had for a couple of nights now) or something then it takes forever for me to get back to sleep. I also wake every night at 4 hungry ( even though I have a huge before bed snack). Even if I'm only a little hungry and try to ignore it, I never get back to sleep - so I've learned if I'm waking at 4, I need to eat no matter what, and I get back to sleep quicker. I just keep a snack by the bed. Maybe your body needs a little food at that time and it might help to have a snack? Some crackers or something?


Like Vegan, I'm up almost hourly now to pee and readjust the mountain of pillows b/c of my hip pain - I also dread going to sleep! I'm actually looking forward to having a newborn again and getting at least 2-3 solid hours....maybe.... 

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DITTO DITTO DITTO.  I feel like you are ALL describing my nights- although things have gotten a ton better (see below).  I have even had the same thought that it would be easier to wake to nurse a newborn than this craziness.  LOL


The Natural Calm is what has helped me 90% of the time, but I also use a gigantic U shaped maternity pillow for the hip pain.  If I am really stressed or feeling high strung, though, nothing helps and I will wake up and not go back to sleep.  This has been going on for me since mid-June.  :(  If I can't go back to sleep, I read and that is what helps me get tired enough to sleep.


I tried to stop taking the Natural Calm b/c it doesn't taste the greatest...but the insomnia came right back...so maybe it really is working...


I keep trying to "embrace" the problem and realize it's normal.  I tried to get pregnant for 1 1/2 years with this little boy, so that helps with the "embracing".  lol

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Bah! YES! Such a new thing in this pregnancy for me too! It seems that I'm on an every other night awful sleep schedule and then sleep like a rock the next night. Very annoying. I'll sleep fine until like 3am, and then sometimes I can never get back to sleep. DH is a night owl and by default with his work, he tends to stay up very late hours, so I feel like he's the one waking me up around 3am when he comes to bed, and then it's the pregnancy keeping me awake the rest of the night. Bah!


I hate to take more supplements...idk...I'm just not into it, so I have tried really hard to boost my magnesium and protein with a snack right before bed...which does help a bit, but you know...lol I think this is the point at which great sleep is just hard to come by. 

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Ha I so remember thinking how amazingly well And comfortably iwas sleeping for those 2 hour stretches after DD was born! And on my tummy no less.
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lol...I'm not a napper, but I remember sleeping so hard in the first days after ds arrived that I could be out in like five minutes with drooling no less! lol 

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So, now I am onto a new phenomenon-- staying asleep ok but having a horrible time falling asleep. I'm finding that in particular, when I snack right before bed, I am having difficulty falling asleep. I was doing it preventatively (you know, to avoid the 2 am fridge raid) but now I am wondering if it's affecting me? I might have to experiment tonight and go to bed without a snack.  

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I have trouble eating right before bed bc I get heartburn. I finally went to the chiro yesterday and was so looking forward to getting a comfy nights sleep. But then I had insomnia, my body didn't hurt but I still didn't sleep. Ugh!

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Oh boo Cindy! That sucks. Maybe it will be a delayed reaction and you'll sleep well tonight? 

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Exact same thing! It's not every night but at least half of the time I walk up between 3-4 usually and can't sleep until 6 ish...and my dd's school bus arrives at 6:30 so I basically don't get to go back to sleep. I have some advice on what NOT to do. Don't sit up and play on the computer like I'm tempted to do often. It keeps me up longer than I should. I've stopped doing that last few weeks or so and read instead but I am definitely going to try magnesium before bed and/or audio books. I love that idea, but I agree that listening to something I've read before is better so I don't want to stay up to find out what happened. Also, I'll check out that Natural Calm. Is it homeopathic?

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Seriously crying right now because I Greek like all the craziness I've been reselling the last week or so has been justified a normal.. My nights are exactly like that, waking up at 2 or 3 and not being able to go back to sleep until like 6. But unfortunately for me on school days I need to be up at 6 to get my soon ready for school.

I'm going to try the mag. thank you all for the idea!!
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Gratefulmum-- Natural Calm is powdered magnesium that is supposedly easier to absorb.  Who knows...but it is working.  My midwife assurred me we couldn't OD on mag, so I'm taking it with their complete approval.  It truly has helped-- even if it is the placebo effect...  LOL 

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I guess this is all part o' the 3 trimester woes that I didn't think I'd get because I've been feeling so great - until last week - like all of you - awful hip pain and sleepless nights.

My hip gets locked if I move a certain way - really if I move any way!  It's been awful and baby's cute kicks are not so cute anymore - feels like a mule with hooves is inside o' me.

But yes, very grateful to embrace it all as I want this child so dearly and I know it won't be long now before he is on the outside of me...But I am getting referred to a physiotherapist because of my hip.  I've had to stop yoga and antenatal aerobics.


I listen to my ipod when I can't sleep - Marie Mongan's Hypnobirthing relaxation track and also Glenn Harrold's hypnosis healing - he is amazing - listening to him knocks me out into a deep deep sleep everytime.


Can't seem to feel comfort in my body these days - sitting, standing,  laying down are all uncomfortable - showers and pool time are really nice.


Magnesium sounds like a good way to go - but then again, really my bladder is going to wake me up at least 3-5 times during the night anyway.....


Good luck everyone!  We're in the home stretch so hang in there!


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