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May 2013 due dates?

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Hi everyone, 


It's early days yet, but I got a BFP on Thursday with an EDD of May 2.  So excited!


Any other May 2013 DDs yet?  When we collect a few of us, is anyone interested in a May 2013 DD club?

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Yes! I was just thinking of posting this too! I got my BFP on Thursday (dpo 11) and then again today on dpo 13. Early days for sure, but always fun to share the excitement and nervousness! I think my EDD is May 5th.
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Congrats to you both! :)


I got a BFP at 8dpo - giving me an EDD of May 7th (and BFPs every day since - I just can't even believe it!)


I'd be very interested in a DD club. It's been years and years since I've done this...I need a buddy or two to help me through. :)

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Congrats to you both as well!

SweetMama, wow, 8 dpo is so early!! And I thought I saw an early result at 11 dpo and had to wait a ton to see if it was going to stick!


How are your symptoms? I definitely have had the nausea from time to time, and the sudden onset of debilitating sleepiness!

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ME ME! I found out last Tuesday at 9 or 10 dpo. I originally thought I was due April 30th so I joined the April DDC but I am actually due May 5th! 1 year after my m/c.


I know what you mean sweet mama, my hpt's just keep getting darker and darker.

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Congrats ladies!


So, I just read the instructions on creating a DDC.


2 Questions:  Do we want it to be open, or closed?  Who wants to be a "leader"?  The instructions say that there should ideally be 2 volunteer leaders.  I'm happy to be 1, unless 2 of you are really keen on it.  Otherwise, having one more volunteer would be great!

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I'll help how I can...but I'll admit up front that my availability may be sketchy - I have two school aged kids and am in school myself! If I'm needed, though - I'm willing. I'd be more willing to open up in a closed group...but I'm not entirely sure what the difference is anyhow.


Symptoms? Sore breasts and some food aversions - nothing specific so much as my shut off valve is in full force. I'll be eating and enjoying my meal just fine and suddenly I can't swallow - I feel like I'll ralph if I do.


I'm kind of nervous...I don't feel entirely pregnant and my lines aren't crazy dark (at 13 dpo today). They're definitely there...but not as dark as I was expecting. I think having an early u/s (next week) will help me relax a bit. I'm so, so nervous though - I want this little one so badly and feel like I've waited forever to get to this point. I also feel so blessed with an easy TTC journey - and it all just feels surreal. Anyone else having those fears/doubts/insecurities about actually being pregnant?

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I am sweet mama. I had a m/c in May and even though it didn't take too terribly long as far as in the TTC world for me to get pregnant again I would hate to lose this one. I did not feel connected to the last baby but this one I am already really attached to. I actually had morning sickness and heartburn the week before I got my + but since getting my + I have not had too much. A little moment of eww here and there depending on my empty stomach or what I have just eaten. I am surprised to have sore hips already but I will take any symptoms I can to feel that this one is going in the right direction. I get my blood drawn today for hcg and progesterone again. I will be impatiently waiting for the results.

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I think that the DD clubs are generally "closed" but I don't want to presume anything on behalf of the group. 


SweetMama34, I understand the nervousness.  I have mild MS, on and off.  But only occasional and very mild.  Like I just feel "icky" sometimes, and fainly nauseous and slightly faint/dizzy.  I am also very tired.  But my symptoms were the same with DS...Also, I have to pee all.the.time. and I am SOOO thirsty! I am also nursing DS and find my nipples a bit more sensitive than usual.  I try to remember to be thankful that I feel quite well, but part of me wants to have strong symptoms, kwim?  I have to say I feel less connected than I did with DS, but then I also have DS to focus my attention on, KWIM?  And in these early, early days its still so sureal.


We told my parents last night.  They were really excited, as I was sure they would be.  With DS we waited until 10 weeks to tell my immediate family and DHs immediate family, but this time we decided to tell family right away and we'll wait until 12 weeks for everyone else.  MY BIL/SIL are expecting as well (early April DD) and they tell everyone as soon as they POAS.  Not that that is bad/wrong, I guess DH and I are just much more cautious, probably because I was always raised that you didn't tell before 12 weeks (but then my mom suffered from many, many miscarriages)  Who/when are others telling?

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I haven't been on these forums since the last time I was pregnant (DOB 9/09)!  Definiteley need to update my profile, signature, etc.  Not even sure what if anything will show up here right now :-).  Found this thread after not seeing a DDC for May yet.  I sure hope we get one started soon!  I don't really know the difference between open or closed, so don't really have an opinion on that one.  When I looked at the already existing ones, noticed some were open, and some were closed...


I will apologize in advance that I'm not really up on the abbreviations.  BFP seems to be "positive pregnancy test" but not sure what it stands for ;-).  Anyway, got one of those on Sunday morning, 18 days from when I think I ovulated.  Took it several days earlier, and wasn't positive yet.  But same thing happened with my first pregnancy too.  Funny to me how different everyone's bodies are!  Here's hoping all goes well over the next several weeks :-).  


I'm not up for leading, so thanks so much to whomever does!  I will likely be someone who is around quite a bit for a week or two then disappears for another week or two as I get busy.  Just the way I am.  


Hope to see the group started soon.   

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Hi ladies! I'm due in May 2013 as well! Just got my BFP yesterday.

I've been around MDC for what feels like forever, and it's so exciting to be here and pregnant with #1!!!!

I'm definitely in for a DDC. Let's get it going! joy.gif
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Last time I was in a DDC it was before the option of open/closed existed. It was kindof nice when other people who just happened to be following new posts chimed in, DDC crashing! I would vote for open.

BFP=big fat positive! I'm sure there's a list of the abbreviations somewhere, but I'm on my phone.

I'd be happy to be a leader if we still need one. Do we need to pm someone to get it started?
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Originally Posted by porcelina View Post

Here it is! Join us!



Thanks!!  Sorry, I just cross-posted with you starting an introductions/roll call thread.  I see you just did the same!

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