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What pump do you lke?

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I was curious as to what pump all of you like?


Because of gastroparesis and being on Domperidone for the symptoms, I produce breastmilk even though I have never been pregnant.  I produce so much milk that I have to use a pump at least once a day to drain some of the excess milk off.  Its not fun, but being on Domperidone is making it to where I don't have to be on enteral formula exclusively via feeding tube.


I really like the Bailey Nurture III pump.  I like how compact it is, the cycling is user regulated, and it has different levels of suction.  It is loud, but all electric pumps are loud, in my opinion.  I also like the Ameda One-Hand manual pump for when I am out and about..



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I had Meleda double pump with both my kids and liked it. 

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I used an Ameda Purely Yours to pump exclusivly for my baby and then went to a large professional Ameda. Used an identical pump the Lansinoh Double Electric that is just like the Ameda.


The Ameda has removed 8-10 oz from each breast at one pumping for me! It makes a good letdown, and  it works for me. The Ameda was also strong enough to pull my milk supply up from almost nothing to normal and  full again, by pumping dry or nearly dry every 2 hours. It works!

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I liked the Ameda Purely Yours, double electric pump, being able to adjust suction strength and cycle speed is key I think for any long term pumping. I even traveled with mine, the car power adapter worked great. I tried a couple different hand pumps, but I didn't like them for anything but relieving engorgement, the electric pumps was much more efficient for me. I also tried hand expression, but never got the hang of it.

I even had the motor go out on mine and they were very quick to get me my free replacement since I was under warranty and they also paid for my hospital grade pump rental for the couple days I needed it while waiting for my new pump to arrive. This was awesome as I was working FT and couldn't be without a pump on a weekday.
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