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How long to water cleans?

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   I am sick and I am sick of being sick. I had a midwife that had told me before that sometimes being sick means your body is just full of toxins. I did eat very badly when on vacation the last few months. I want to do another water cleans. 


    I am not sure how long though. 


   I would ask my Dr but he is mainstream and has no real education in nutrition. He is a good Doctor and even a bit open minded recommending netti pots to patience. This though, beyond his skills I think. 


   Summery of my health, I was diabetic for about a year, diet got my numbers down so much Dr said I am no longer diabetic and do not need to test any more and he will just do an A1C twice a year. Joy!


   My biggest issue is Fibromyalgia and my specialist seems to swear I have an auto immune but he can't figure out what one. -shrug- 


    I am over weight but vowed this year to not diet. I have not gained weight, lost a bit. 


   So how long do you think I should water fast and why? 

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Hey there! I don't know the answer to your question, but if you wanted to head over to our "ask the experts" section there are a few experts over there that deal with natural remedies and holistic nutrition. I hope you get the help your looking for!



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