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Wearing twins? Safe or not?

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Looks like all of the official instructions for wearing twins in a moby or baby k'tan have been taken down. Does anyone know why? Is it unsafe?
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I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you, but I am bumping this up for more attention.

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The boba wrap is pretty much just like the moby wrap, and this is what they have to say. (Note, the picture on this page is not the wrap, its their soft carrier.)

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If you go to the link below there is an article.  Also search "Tandem Wearing" and there are several links to info.  Good Luck!  Maybe see if there is a baby wearing group in your area or a la leche league meeting.  There might be some helpful mommies there.



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I'm not sure safety-wise, but as much as I wanted to do it, I found wearing twins in both the K'tan and Moby to be horribly uncomfortable.  I've just been improvising for the last couple months, and I'm SO happy that they're finally approaching a size where I can wear one on my back and one in front instead of both together.

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I am not very familiar with a moby or baby k'tan wrap, but I think SSC will be safer for older baby when they are carried in tandem. But it may also depend in your ability to do the wrap,joy.gif

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I know this is older, but on the K'tan website, they say this in their faq:

Can I carry twins at the same time?
New baby carrier industry standards state that baby carriers should only be used for one infant at a time. The Baby K’tan has been used successfully for carrying twins in the past; however, we no longer list these positions.

Does anyone happen to have old instructions for how to do twins, I did find a video, but would like the old official instructions too.
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I can see why it would have been taken down for the Moby - the Moby is stretchy and it risks squishing the one baby as the other pulls with his/her weight.  You can TANDEM wear SAFELY with a NON-STRETCH wrap...  Rhapsody works great for Tandem wearing I am told.  I am getting ready to learn how to Tandem wear here soon.  I have a 7 month old currently and am due to deliver my 4th baby when my 7 month old hits 1 year old.  LOL  2 non-walkers.  LOL  so I will be learning this soon enough.  so  make sure that your wrap is NON-Stretch to tandem wear.  makes it SAFE!  do you have a local Babywearing International Group?  if you do - go to a meeting and ask.  they may have better answers for you...  :)  good luck!

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