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Neck/Head Control?

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I have a question for you ladies (esp. experienced moms).  My 8 week old has very good head and neck control and has seemed to have a very strong neck even at the beginning.  She holds her head up on an angled surface (bobby, my chest, but not quiet all the way up flat on the bed.  She turns to look at you if you talk to her.  Can I turn her face out in the slings- Baby Bjorn?  Others?  She is so much happier when she can see things (and his limited time staring at my chest in the sling). 

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I started turning DS to face out in the sling when he was 9 or 10 weeks and it's working much better for us than the other positions.  It's a pain when he falls asleep because I need to hold up his head with my hand but he's much happier being able to see.

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I don't use a baby bjorn for various reasons (positioning, etc), but I sometimes turn DD out in a ring sling when she's wide awake and showing good core strength/head control.  If she gets fatigued or sleepy, I turn her around to a tummy-to-tummy position.


Like this:



Baby is seated, not dangling, and has the support of my chest, if that makes sense.  

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I think you are fine to try it.  My 7 week old can sit in the Bumbo and be face-out in a baby carrier. 

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