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What do you brush your childrens teeth with??

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I read that glycerin actually binds to your teeth and causes them not to remineralize....most natural toothpastes, including homemade recipes, seem to contain glycerin. I've used plain baking soda on my own teeth before but can't see my children liking it. Just wondering what other mom's have used and found to be successful, thanks!

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Plain water for the infants. Children's toothpaste for the toddler. We found that the electric spinning toothbrush with traditional childrens toothpaste was most appealing to our toddler. He did not like the natural children's toothpaste at all.
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Both of my kids have electric brushes and have cleanings with the dentist every 3 months.


Older one uses what I used, Arm and Hammer


Younger one refuses all but the chokolate toothpaste.



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I use Now Foods Kids Toothpaste with Xylitol. Its fluoride free, and the xylitol prevents plaque from forming. She has been cavity free this entire time. I dont know if it has glycerine, but I heard that brushing with plain water before using toothpaste helps get teeth cleaner. I do consider it successful based on the fact her teeth are very healthy. 

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My kids use xylitol tootpaste as well.

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Thanks everyone for your replies! My girls actually really like Tom's Silly strawberry fluoride free toothpaste, the problem is just the glycerin. It looks like all the others mentioned here have glycerin as well.


Mittsy~I really like the looks of that remineralizing toothpaste, may have to give it a try. Do your children like it? What do you flavor yours with?

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I have been reading some interesting articles on coconut oil as a toothpaste. Apparently its really good for preventing cavities. 

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My kids like to brush teeth with close up tooth paste. I think it is best tooth paste for teeth because it provides whiteness to the teeth and makes teeth strong.

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We make our own toothpaste with Coconut oil and baking soda (2:1 respectively), a tiny pinch of sea salts (for a few extra minerals) and peppermint oil for flavor.  I'm thinking about cutting the baking soda back even more and adding some xylitol.

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