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This might be a lousy place to put this post, but it's what I got on to do, and this group probably has the answers I want, so...


Has anyone followed the GAPS diet for recovery from vaccination?  Was it successful? 



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You might also want to x-post to Health & Healing.


I know plenty about GAPS but nothing specific to vax recovery.  I guess partially because my experience with vax injury is related to neurological issues more than gut issues (that was the nature of our vax problems and really I never had occasion to look beyond it).  But what I do know about GAPS is that it certainly heals the gut and the gut is where a huge chunk of our immune system AND our neurology lie.  It's a rather large undertaking.  I don't know if it's the first thing I'd try if a child is just recovering from vax exposure vs. full-on vax injury but it's a wonderfully healing regimen.

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I apologize that this isn't a first-hand account, but I was discussing GAPS one day (we've been on it for over a year) when I was approached by a woman who heard me mention GAPS. Her daughter was injured by vaccines during her 18 month well visit. The mother said they had to take her to the ER for seizures and high fever, and shortly after all of this they realized she was no longer social and had become completely nonverbal. A couple years later, she received an autism diagnosis. At the time of our conversation, they had been on the diet for almost 2 years, and now her daughter speaks in 5 - 6 word sentences (she's 5 now) and is social again. Her mom mentioned that her daughter still qualified for an IEP for preschool, but we didn't go into anything more specific than that. I wish I had her contact information so I could get more details for you, but it was a chance meeting in a store. The only other thing I remember is that she mentioned they also do craniosacral therapy.


Again, I'm sorry this isn't a first-hand account. Personally, GAPS has been wonderful to our family. We chose it to help our son who was diagnosed as autistic and are doing it as a family. It's been amazing. I also recommend it for detoxing while nourishing and healing the body.

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I am very interested in the GAPS diet. I listened to this interview last night while painting the living room :) It was so convincing that I went out today and bought organic cabbage to make sauerkraut!


If you are interested in GAPS or fermented foods, please save these interviews and listen to them when you get the chance. I'm so happy I did!


Please don't let Dr.Mercola frighten you away lol! The information is very important.


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