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WELL.....if i get ttts prior to 24 w, we are doomed. That is nice to know, huh? I called the mfm office again, argued with them, again.....finally got a nurse on the phone who told me they do.monthly scans until 24 weeka and there is nothing tk be done prior to then if they get ttts anyway. And yes, still no referral, but it is.not sounding like a referral.would get me anything anyway if standard practice at the mfm is one scan a month until 24 weeks.



I would phrase it as "If you have TTTS before 24 weeks and are not aware of it, you are doomed."


I agree that you need to figure out a way to find a referral to an MFM specialist who knows what they are doing.


One way to finesse this is to arrange for CVS (as opposed to amniocentesis).  Since CVS happens earlier in the pregnancy, you will end up having the diagnostic ultrasounds earlier as well.

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Cvs is not something i.would be willing to.do...especially not as a backdoor to see a specialist that i.ought to be able to.see without tricks and subterfuges (all that being said...i have managed to ensure that all is.well to date by using NONINVASIVE tricks and subterfuges). As of this afternoon, i have found an ob.that has acknowledged that mono-di.twins are high risk and is perfectly willing to.work.with the mfm (i have an appointment on.monday for the a/s and also an actual ppointment to.set up a game plan going forward). I am 19 weeks now, i.today.is the first day that i have been able to.breathe a little. Up to this point i have managed to get the babies looked at at least every other week and all has been well thus far (the tricks i was referring to...basically i kept every provider on the hook while i co tinued to.search for one that took me seriously...while not informing them.of.each other. In the end the only "extra" would have been one extra office visit of being weighed and peeing in a cup. I got a very detailed scan at 16 weeks to.officially determine chorionicity (reviewed by mfm, but no correponding appt.). I could.go.on about whay i have done so.far....but even though i am past the window anyway, i am pretty sure i would not have resorted to cvs....too invasive. Travel.out of state, absolutely...cvs with no reason, no.

All.in all, it is insane that i had to.do.all this to.end up with an ob that knows what he is.doing. it saddens me that this.is probably happening.over and women are just believing what they are told and not learning or advocating for themselves (i suppose it is sort of like what women.go through to get the birth they want)
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wow, really glad to hear you finally found what sounds liek the right doc for you, good going for sticking to this mission to address your needs.

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Thanks! Yesterday i had my a/s at the mfm office (2 hours away) (girls!) and met with the mfm afterward. He wants me to get scans every other week at the mfm satellite office here (he sees all scans, plus they are set up to skype with him afterward) (vs having the new good ob doing everything) and he said that he would be conveying it all to the new good ob. Everything looks as good as can be so far, which is great news.

It sucks that there are practices that are so very clueless, and i feel bad for the next mono-di twin mom to be that encounters them (and may not be informed), but i tried to inform them.
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great news, thanks for the update

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Glad to hear things are going well.  Keep on with your regular ultrasounds.  Good luck!

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