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Sinus infection,blocked ear,ohmy!

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I've had a sinus infection for a bit now and finally got the antibiotics for it,the only problem is that the day after I started toaking the antibiotics, my ear blocked right up and now its been like that for almost two days now

Is there anything I can do to help this open back up? This is so frustrating!!!
I googled about blocked ears but, most just related to air traveling, which does'nt apply to me in this instance.
Some suggest to squeeze the nostrils and force the air out that way,I'm petrified in doing that!!! I don't need to create any more pain than I can't handle

I've tried heat packs on my ear, I can only lie down with lost of pillows, there must be some other remedy that would be not as painful???

Any suggestions??
Also, I cannot"instill"anything into my ears like drops or the such because I panick with anything do do with my ears and it would just block it further anywho....

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I usually find that the "plug your nose method" isn't painful at all. It seems to work the best for me. Sorry I can't be of more help, I just wanted to reassure you that it's not as bad as you might think.
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Very uncomfortable. Happened to me last year. Went to my doctor, he flushed it out with water. With kind of like a water-pik type of thing. Tickled like crazy ...

Worked in about 2 seconds. Build-up of earwax. He said maybe my pregnancy hormones might've made the earwax stuff go crazy.

Considering the fact that I was sick as a dog at the time (nothing stayed in for about a month) and just everything felt annoying and made me want to barf, it was a relatively painless procedure.

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Thanks for responding! I'm still freightened to plug the nose up

as for water going in my ears,forget it! LOL I cannot stand if a little bit of water gets in my ear while showering, because it takes a while for it wo unblock as well...My ears are weird ,I guess....
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I just called my midwife on a very similar issue, only I haven't started the antibiotics yet because I'm in my first trimester and was worried to. She gave me the following suggestions:

1) hot lemonade or lemon tea, sip it slowly and hold it in your mouth for a moment. The vapors will help open up the nasal passages and allow the blocked fluid to move.

2) halls cough drops. I had avoided these thinking they were medicine and therefore bad, but she said they were no problem.

She also said anything that makes your nose runny is good. Runny=moving fluid!

If you want to plug your nose, sit down to do it. I will make you dizzy. I've never been able to do it for long enough to unplug my ears.
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Have you tried sudafed? My midwife cleared me to take it--well, actually ORDRERED me to take it! She said it was safe and that it would get the fluids moving to avoid infection and other complications. I hate it, because it can interefere with my sleep, but I take it early in the day and find it to be a life-saver.
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I'm better now...as far as my ear is concerned. Nope I cannot take Sudafed anymore because it elevates my blood pressure
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