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8/26 Weekly Thread

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Happy Sunday mamas! Hope all is well! Pull up a chair, get something yummy to eat and chat!!!

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I've been slowly coming to terms with my "gender" unpreparedness. I was so set on having a girl, that when the penis showed up on the ultrasound I didn't know what to do. I've never had much experience with boys, so I was feeling completely unprepared, until my husband said "we'll parent him the same way we parent now and it will be fine."

I've been having a lot of hip/pelvis pain especially when doing housework, but was told that doing hip circles on an exercise ball would help, so I picked one up yesterday. I'm hoping it will help because I actually have a nesting urge with this pregnancy!

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Wow, already Sunday again!?

I want you all to know that I usually don't post on the weekly thread but I always read your updates! It just seems that I only get to pop on here for little snipits a day and just can't keep up with responding to individual posts!


We have been getting ready for school to start tomorrow. DD2 is starting Kindergarten so I will have 2 in school all day (I can't believe it). DS and I will be home alone all day (though DH doesn't go to work until the afternoon). The girls are beyond excited about school. I have considered home schooling them but when I asked my VERY social DD's about their thoughts on home schooling they both shot the idea down very quickly. rolleyes.gif


I figure from here on out the pregnancy is going to FLY by. Between all the birthdays, cheerleading practice, gymnastics, and the holidays that will be happening the next 15 weeks will be a blur until baby arrives. smile.gif


I am still on a cleaning/organizing frenzy. I feel like a million bucks and I go, go, go but then I do nap every afternoon with DS so that helps my energy level tremendously!


Hope everyone is doing well! Looking forward to the updates!

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Originally Posted by tropicana74 View Post

Wow, already Sunday again!?

I want you all to know that I usually don't post on the weekly thread but I always read your updates! It just seems that I only get to pop on here for little snipits a day and just can't keep up with responding to individual posts!



same here ; )

Tropicana--I am nesting like CRAZY, too!! I don't get naps though since DD will stay up all night if she naps, so, we stopped those early in the second trimester. I am less tired than just plain sore after I frenzy all day. I have so much energy, but my body definitely can't and shouldn't be doing many of the things I am doing {digging holes in the backyard}. I went shopping at Super Walmart {we don't ussually, but I needed some candles and they have the  hurricane ones there}, then to Home Depot, and finally Costco---all warehouse super stores and after 4 hours of that I realized that I probably shoudn't be doing that much at once. My belly is sticking so far out I think its time for some support under it. Lots of contractions if I have to pe and hold it instead :/

I think you are right, I don't have kiddos in school, but I feel like the next 15 weeks are gonna fly by because I have so much to do.

Hope everyone is doing well this week for everyone else!

We just spent the day gearing up for Hurricane Issac {just in case}. Brought everything inside, rearranged the garage {YAY!!} and got some supplies for indoor projects {closet organization/shelving} in case we are stuck home with nothing to do for a few days {might as well be productive}. Not supposed to hit or even be in the cone of danger, but you never know. My Birthday week {August 29th} is KNOWN for terrible storms {katrina}.

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Oh stay safe MamaHarrison!!!.. This could be a good excuse to nest tho lol!

Tropicana- I know what you mean.. I normally get overwhelmed by how much we all have going on in our lives, and individual comments are hard :) but today I got in early!

Themothership- I think it may just take time to adjust :) its such an exciting, emotion filled time that I think any news can throw us off our feet a little!

DarkBlue- LOL I had the weirdest dream about you the other night!! You lived on a houseboat in the ocean with your family, and harpooned your pet dogs for fun?!?!?!?!?! UMMMMM???


AFM- Have been hit over bad by a really nasty virus this past week, then last night had the worlds strongest dizzy spell... oh and TWO WHOLE DAYS OF BRAXTON HICKS!! urghhhh exhausting!! Good practise i suppose... urghhh.. tired!

Today I am off to see a naturopath for the first time and I am really looking forward to it! She is a Doula too and specialises in pregnancy and women :) perfect fit!!!

Not much else going on! Time is flying by!


Love to you all xxxx

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I feel similarly, now that fall is almost here, I wonder how on earth I will have time to do anything before baby comes! 3 days as week at the school, soccer games & practices, Halloween, Thanksgiving,getting ready for Christmas & Yule, etc... YIKES! I also only have 1 pair of maternity pants, lol, gonna be tough when it starts to get chilly!


travelmumma, ICK on the virus - I would bet a lot of $ the braxton hicks are directly related to being sick (I get them a lot when I get stressed, dehydrated, and/or overworked). Hope you are feeling better, and that the naturopath helps!


MammaH - hope Isaac passes you by! Having grown up on the gulf, I know the whole world of waiting, hoping, preparing, etc - it can be stressful, and sometimes nothing more than a pain in the butt! I love the idea of getting projects ready in case you are stuck at home!


mothership - I love mothering my boys :) You will too :)


Spent the day canning again... more apple/pear sauce, pickles, and pear jam. We are starting to get a ton of tomatoes, so those will be up for canning soon. Oh, and I made 2 kinds of ice cream - peanut butter choc chip, and strawberry rum. can't wait to dip into those tonight ;) DS3 had his first soccer game on Sunday - they won 9-1. I was glad the other team scored just before the end of the game, poor little guys were getting very down-trodden by the end!


Much love to everyone this week, and we grow these babies!

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subbing (without reading any posts so I can quit procrastinating and get back to readying our homeschool stuff for the first real-ish day of studies tomorrow)


I should be in bed by now, but I'm a terrible procrastinator. blush.gif

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Happy new week, everyone! Am sending safe thoughts to those on the West/gulf coast of FL. We're over here on the north Florida coast, so we've just been having lots of rain. It's going back and forth like crazy between sunny/rainy/sunny/stormy. Hoping this storm settles out to see and dissolves quickly! 


Ladies, can we talk exercise? I noticed the other day that I'm starting to get some cellulite (yikes) on my lower hind end, which I'd like to keep at bay as much as possible. I know exercise doesn't cure, but it certainly helps. Most of all, I have my glucose test coming up in a few weeks and I know that exercise is a big help. Plus, I want to be in good shape for the birth, and I definitely need to be doing more than I currently am. Right now I walk about 20 min a day, do tailor sitting, some squats and pelvic rocking. But I can't help feeling like there's other "simple" exercises that I can do indoors. I'd love to hear your tips on how you fit in some simple toning/strengthening exercises each day. I've been trying to do leg lifts while I brush my teeth, who knows if those help any. I am excited to start another 4-week session of prenatal yoga in a few weeks. 


Also, for anyone who doesn't have a body pillow--I finally broke down and got one and LOVE it. They are on sale at Target right now: $8.99 for the pillow and $8.99 for the cover. Totally worth it, and I didn't feel like I splurged on one of the $50 "preggo" pillows or anything.

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Chica, for bang for your buck, I'd go with a prenatal workout video. I have one that I like a lot. It's called Pregnancy Fitness, and it has a different workout for each trimester and postnatal too. (I always hate sounding like a commercial, but recommendations are helpful.)

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wow - I wish I was only just starting to notice cellulite!  haha  Well, I've been mostly sticking to walking (about 30min - 1 hr a day) and some stretching/yoga, but my mom just ordered me two prenatal workout dvds - so I'll let you know what I think of them.  I've had great results from just doing workout dvds in the past though - so I'm definitely looking forward to getting in better shape for the birth.  Right now just going up stairs wears me out by the end of the day!  xox




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chica: try canning. You'll be on your feet all day, and lifting heavy pots, too ;)


Here's a fun ? for everyone: natural hemmerhoid cures - anyone have any? This is only the 2nd one I've ever had (got one pushing DS1), and it sucks. I use DoTerra oils, and am on my second dose of 1 drop cypress oil, 1 drop heliochrysum, and it feels better but so far the swelling has not gone down. Would love to hear about anything effective anyone has used.

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sego - water, exercise and time...;(
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Sego- witch hazel applied to the area. Just got told by my naturopath today...

It's 3:50 AM here in Oz and I am awake and oh so angry about it! I have had 7 hours sleep in the past 4 nights.... To be honest I am blaming DH for a lot of it! He is a night time person.. And maybe I'm just more sensitive to everything at the moment, but my goodness he makes a butt load of noise while I am trying to sleep!!!!! I am going to rip in to pieces when he wakes up! It's bad enough getting up 4 times a night to pee, as well as the fact that getting comfortable is impossible as EVERYTHING HURTS! I did a bit of a stock take of my body while lying in bed... And the only thing that doesn't hurt is my right wrist.....
AHHHHHH pregzilla
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I've used witch hazel in the past, but haven't found it to help - only sting!  But it's cheap and worth a try.


tm - can you convince your dh to get on the same sleep schedule as you?  Maybe you can each compromise by an hour or so, one direction or the other.  It is really so much nice and easier for everyone to be on a similar sleep schedule, esp once baby comes.  xox

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sego--staying off your feet is really the only thing that helps pregnancy induced hemrroids :/  Which is not something you will likely be able to do much of. Sitz bath can help to relieve any inflammation, too, and get you off your feet at the same time. If any ofit is caused by constipation and diet vs. excess weight of pregnancy than change in diet can really help a lot, too, but I suspect you already eat a whole foods diet and are health conscious about drinking water etc. Adding CALM magnesium supp. can help to loosen stools and relax smooth muscles in bowels for an easier {les painful} BM, too, if that is or becomes an issue for you. I got 1 hemrroid when I pushed DD out and it only flairs very rarely as long as I eat well and kep weigh off of me. I haven't had any issues with it yet in this pregnancy. Hope it becomes a non issue soon for you.

AFM--I am feeling great--lots of high energy days followed by needing a full day of rest, which is to be expected. However, I am really starting to wonder how in the world I am going to be pregnant for a whole nother trimester and it's the biggest trimester!?! Anyone else? With my DDs pregnancy I never felt HUGE, although I was very 'full of baby' but I worked as a massage therapist, which takes lot of movement, and I cleaned an office building 1x weekly until the day before I went into labor and I am talking by myself, on my hands and knees washing floors, vacuuming, 3 bathrooms--lotsof moving and bending and I never felt like I couldn't do it or that I was simply too big to do it. Here I am at 25 weeks and I just feel like my belly is SOOO huge that I already can't do things that I could do at 40 weeks last time. Like shave my legs or wash myown feet or bend over for longer than 10 seconds without hurting myself. My belly is WAY beyond boobs--in fact I am the same size I was at 40 weeks last time. I just don't know how I am going to continue hauling this belly/baby around for another 13-17 weeks :/ Like...do mamas ever have to go on bed rest because their bellies are too big? I am a solid girl, too. I am athletic and strong and my body isn't having a hard time supporting me {legs are fine aside from some minor spidery veins--no swelling and last time swelling was TERRIBLE}, but its my belly..haha..I am gonna have to use one of my wraps as a belly band and see how that goes, I just can't imagine having any more fabric around me in this FL heat. So....anyone else have an enormous belly?!! Tips and tricks for coping with it?

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Hi all!  I was in an absolutely foul mood today but have found an hour alone in a coffee shop with a computer, nice music and a smoothie.  Instant cure.  Sending calm sunny vibes to all the Floridians!!  Hope all is well thus far and continues to be so.

Chica-I definitely second the preggers exercise dvds.  I have been going to Jazzercise quite a bit, mostly just for the stress release, but I really enjoy it.  I also have two pregnancy yoga DVDs which I really enjoy, since you're into yoga.

Travelmumma-Pregzilla could be the best word I have heard in a long time!  It really does sum things up quite perfectly.  Sorry for the sleep woes, 7 hours in 4 nights sounds AWFUL.  Are you able to nap at all during the day to get caught up?  Ear plugs may help?  I find that while pregnant, I am supremely sensitive to noise when sleeping.  Its so annoying isn't it?  

Sego-Shout out for the witch hazel.  I've used the pads just for cleaning up at potty time which helps.  I also have the Earth Mama booty stuff which also helps a bit:  http://www.earthmamaangelbaby.com/pregnancy/mama-bottom-balm.html

In nutrition we say the best cure (besides resting when possible) are the three Fs:  Fluid, Fiber, (F)Physical activity.  Sometimes busy mamas can get dehydrated, I find that telling my kids to help me remember to drink water really helps; DD2 lets me have some from her sippy :). I know you have an awesome diet, but have you tried ground flax seed?  Adding it to yogurt or salads, smoothies etc every day helped me tremendously.  Last pregnancy I had a hemorrhoid pop up at about 20 weeks and I could only keep it at bay by keeping myself religiously regular.  If you're a kegel gal, those might help too.  Hope you find some relief, hemorrhoids make me truly sad.

Mamaharrison-In the same boat belly wise here.  This is #3 for me and things are really moving outward quickly!  With #2, I definitely got bigger more quickly than with #1 and had the same apprehension that you are experiencing now.  But, I have to say, that things slowed down growth wise in the last couple of months and I remained pretty much the same size from weeks 32ish-40ish.  The baby grew well, but I seemed to stay about the same.  I'm crossing my fingers that the same thing happens this time or I will never make it to December!!  That's wonderful that you are having energetic days!

AFM-I'm having a difficult time keeping my hormones in check.  Failing miserably is more like it.  I went on a 30 minute rant today because my DHs PCP didn't give him a blood draw at his physical today.  His LDL was elevated last time and he has a family history of aneurysm.  Otherwise he's in great shape, but he's had two relatives die in their early 40s due to aneurysm so would a little preventative care be too much to ask?  Jeesh.  I could go on all day about prejudice and ignorance in allopathic medicine, but I've already done that once today. Does anyone feeling like they are raging out of control?  I don't even want to me around myself, I'm so grumpy.  Sorry for the downer.

Regarding our baby kidney stress:  I have spoken with a good friend who is a pediatrician and have decided to wait things out and let my anxiety go.  We have opted out of seeing a specialist and asked to wait on any more ultrasounds.  Our OB is uber-accomodating and honestly, if there continues to be a problem, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it now.  It turns out that the AAP has scaled way back on their interventions regarding the matter, so I'm just going to take a chill pill and love the heck out of this baby.  Sorry for the long ass post, smooches to you all!

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chica: try canning. You'll be on your feet all day, and lifting heavy pots, too ;)


Here's a fun ? for everyone: natural hemmerhoid cures - anyone have any? This is only the 2nd one I've ever had (got one pushing DS1), and it sucks. I use DoTerra oils, and am on my second dose of 1 drop cypress oil, 1 drop heliochrysum, and it feels better but so far the swelling has not gone down. Would love to hear about anything effective anyone has used.

Sego, I ran across this blog post about just this thing today. Gloria had a good suggestion but I thought the other people that responded to the post had some really great ideas. I had never heard of the potato method but it sounds like it works. Scroll down to comments:


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LOVE the Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm for 'roids (and fissures and kids' bottom pains). I need to get a new (sterile) jar for post partum perineal soothing. Also second the stool softener--if dehydration is an issue, go for a pharma/chemical softener, rather than fiber; if you may not double your hydration, extra fiber can make it harder to go. (I take docusate sodium--the stuff in Colace.) I had the beginnings of a hemorrhoid with DS1 that became problematic with DS2, and has already revisited me once this pregnancy. One thing I haven't heard mentioned is what my mw with DS2 recommended (in addition to stool softeners, extra water, and witch hazel): tuck that baby back inside and rely on some internal pressure to help shrink it. I did it right away with mine this time, and even though it seemed worse initially, it got better faster. 


esp, I'm glad you're at a measure of peace regarding the kidney issue and that your OB is supportive. As for the irritability--um, yeah. Did you read last week's thread? I was among a LOT of us bitching about being completely surrounded by inconsiderate idiots, more or less. So at least you're in good company. ;) I'm less bitchy now, but had a full day away from all of my family (visited old college friends for a day) and another day spent largely in bed. I'm glad you found some YOU time in the coffee shop!


mamaharrison, I'm jealous of your energy. I do well just to get out of bed and shower every other day! It's hard for me to gauge where I am in relation to my 2nd pregnancy (this will by my 3rd full term, fx) because I had gained SO MUCH more by now with him, but I think I'm about the same. I do have trouble imagining adding another 16 weeks' worth of uterine/fetal growth to this belly, though. One of the friends I met up with over the weekend was 37w, and it made me feel much smaller than I had been. I do feel like my movement is more limited than I remember, though I'm reminded that I went out and bought slip-on sneakers by now with DS1 so I wouldn't have to bend over any more than necessary.


travelmumma, I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to sleep, but I do know how horribly overwhelming the exhaustion makes everything else, especially on top of recovering from illness. Is there a day soon where you can just sleep all day  and catch up? I did that on Sunday and it was soooo good for me. And I'm going to totally steal "Pregzilla." That is SO me lately!


sego, I'm jealous of your bounty. I managed to water faithfully for the first MONTH of our drought, but just gave up for the last two months. I found a small, bug-nibbled tomato today, and hope there will be more to come. We have lots of blossoms, but there's just not enough water ANYWHERE for anything to come of it. We're saving our water now to water the foundation and soil around it so it doesn't become damaged from shifting subsoil. :/


tropicana, your days sound like they have a wonderful rhythm. And holy crap, I didn't feel like time was totally running out until you pointed out that *15 week* thing! But I have 15w5d, so I'm good, right?!  I just got our rough schedule for the weeks ahead, and I'm going to be so freaking busy, I'm sure it will fly by.


mothership, with my DS2, we weren't going to find out the sex, but the morning of the anatomy scan, I realized I had my heart set on a girl and needed to come to terms if it was another boy. And I'm glad I had that inclination, because I spent the next few weeks getting over my disappointment. Of course, I adore both of my sons...but don't feel bad that you have to process your surprise/disappointment/you name it. 


AFM, I had a great checkup with my mw tonight. I met her new assistant and she is all kinds of awesome, too. (I was friends w/ my mw since waaay back in her doula/Bradley instructor days.) Baby girl was finally in a cooperative position for the fetoscope, and we all got to hear it--including the boys (ages 7&4). Her previous assistant was really young and even though I hadn't met her, several friends had her at their births...and really didn't feel totally confident in her. The new assistant has been a doula for 20+ years and has caught a few babies herself; this apprenticeship is to get her state CPM hours. I'm very relieved! :)  I also held my breath and started a Target registry over the weekend. People had been asking me, but I wanted to wait until 27-30 weeks until I realized I will see most of my extended family for the last time right around then. So if they want to get me stuff, I want it to be what I want, yk? I have to research everything all over again since I haven't done this for about 5 years!


We get back to day 2 of our real homeschool studies tomorrow, so I need some sleep. My sons insist on getting up earlier and earlier every day...and tend to be either destructive or turn the tv on and then don't want to get to school work when it's time. 

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