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Lol for those who want to steal Pregzilla, go for it! Another favorite of mine is Pregosaurus!
You can actually buy shirts that say "Pregosaurus, hear me ROAR!" lol I need that right now!

I have spent the day shopping with a friend of mine! We spent three hours in a linen and craft store! And that was it lol! Then we ate cupcakes all afternoon while adoring her newborn homebirthed daughter smile.gif
So now am feeling quite content, sitting on the couch with my sewing projects spread all over the floor smile.gif
I just finished making one extra long door snake to stop draughts! And I got some soft material to make reusable wipes! And some to make a toy elephant out of! And some to make a pregnancy pillow out of too!!
Creativity splurge!
So even tho the lack of sleep is killing me, I am feeling much much better smile.gif Ahhh smile.gif
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That sounds like an awesome day, travelmumma!  I had a cupcake yesterday, too - with my constant girl companion.  I eat way too many sweets with her - she's a terrible influence (at 6 yrs old;)


I actually need to work on my diet today.  I eat really well, but last week at my midwife appt I had ketones in my urine - again - and she said that my protein looks fine, but I just need to get more calories.  It's hard to believe I'm not getting enough calories the way I eat!, but I think maybe a protein snack before bed, and making sure to drink enough water and snack regularly will hopefully help. 


We're doing the 11 hour drive home for the weekend, for the first time in 2 months, and I can hardly wait!

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Kel, my mw told me that spilling ketones is a short-term thing--that it really only tests whether you've eaten enough in the last 8 hours. It's not am indicator of actual ketosis in itself (if you are spoiling them around the click, day after day, then ketosis will occur, though). I have tried to take better care to not get to that shalt, starving place, I'm in the clear. I keep a couple packs of different nuts and dried fruits in my purse in case I'm out and can't have some hummus or greek yogurt for a snack. A Lara Bar would be perfect, but I'm too lazy to mix my fruit and nuts ahead of time. :P
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Thanks for all the hemorrhoid advice ladies. I've been trying to take it easier, not lift things as much, etc. I also had to go by my office yesterday, I rent a space to a naturopath who happened to be in (she is closed on Mondays), and she had a homepathic cream which has been helpful for the discomfort. Diet wise there is not much for me to do - I drink a TON of water, eat all kids of healthy whole foods, greens, fibers, etc... Louise Hayes links hemorrhoids to stress, inability to let go, and clinging to things looking the way they used to look - sounds about perfect for the stress I am dealing with, especially around the school. Oh, and as for hormones, my hour long crying spree when I spilled the pickles the other day? Yeah....


TM - glad your right wrist feels good ;) Get some SLEEP girl! Nap, whatever you can do!


mamaH - I can relate to both the energy followed by rest days, and the HUGE belly. I really don't know how it could keep going at this rate... I also have zero warm maternity clothes, which is going to be a problem very soon (this week, in fact, it's supposed to range from 40-75 in the mountains where I am headed for a wedding). IDK what would cover this belly anyway.... I probably need to get to the thrift store today and see if I can find a couple of long sleeve shirts, sweaters, etc. I really don't want to spend more $ on maternity clothes.


esp I think that's a great way to handle the kidney issue :) Afterall, aside from something crazy like intra-uterine surgery, there is nothing to do right now anyway. LOVE, patience, time, and then we shall see, right?


stegan - great news about your MW's assistant :) I am not sure who will be coming with my MW - I did make one request for it to NOT be someone (she was my MW with #2, and she just doesn't feel right for me anymore). I guess I will find out in the next month or so.

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Hi mamas, things have been nutty here so I having been on this thread (like at all lol)


Travelmumma, lol about your dream and I pinkie promise I don't harpoon my dogs :) So sorry you haven't bee sleeping well :(

Tropicana- Time is flying by here too! Crazy to think that some of us are getting into the single digits of weeks left! dizzy.gif

Segolily-Nice work with all the canning and so sorry you are dealing with hemmorhoids...I have them only mildly this time, but I do have wicked vaginal vericose veins (I know ICK right?) so I sympathize with veiny tenderness/pain!!

Esp-Sorry that you were having a rough day but glad you found a little patch of peace to help cheer you up! Annnd I am so happy that you have come to a place of peace regarding your babe!!

Chica-I totally wish that I had awesome exercise advice to give, but yeah, I run...but not when I am pregnant. My favorite exercise right now is the trifecta of snuggles/baking/and eating, lol

Stegen-So glad you had a great mw appt :)


All is well here just busy, busy, busy! DH is working a new (better paying) position that involves way more hours, both of DDs are in dance and homeschool has begun, and DS turned two on Friday so we had a little hootenanny :) Also, like Segolily we have been canning and freezing fools here with our garden and our grapes are gorgeous this year so we are making loads of juice (and wine!) Know that I think of you lovely ladies even when I am not posting!


Hope all is well!

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Have had lots of weird stuff happening this week so far.  Today was fairly stressful, and I ate a cookie and butter today with a roll.  I've generally stayed away from that stuff so feeling like I had a weak moment.  Sigh.  


Dozed off 2x today, which isn't good.  Lousy night sleep is getting to me.  


Oh, and the knitting....like some may have noticed I taught myself to knit the other week.  Two nights ago I was knitting and I fell asleep!  DH almost took a picture apparently it was pretty amusing to see.  I'm actually pretty fast, and the rhythm of it all is very relaxing....redface.gif


Hope I can catch up with the whole thread later in the week, thinking of you ladies!


Can't believe they already have a May 2013 thread up!  It's getting closer to our time!

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Just going to jump in and share what a rough night I had last night! Does anyone else get really stressed when you can't feel baby kick often enough? Well, I have an anterior placenta this time and baby's movements are easy to miss unless he is VERY active. So last night at bedtime, I was trying to recall the last time I had felt baby kick (normally he is active right after dinner and he was not yesterday), so as I laid down I figured he would get active when I was being still. But I fell asleep before I felt any movement and woke up several hours later freaking out about the lack of movement. I went and drank some ice cold water and and laid awake for another hour just waiting for him to move. Finally got some movement, and it was even enough to keep me awake for another hour, and I didn't even mind that it kept me awake because I was just so glad to feel him moving around. In the light of day, I feel like I was just being a little too much of a worrier, and that maybe he was moving plenty yesterday but I was too busy to notice.


Okay, got to run because the kids are up, hoping I can come back at naptime to check your updates. Hope all of you are doing well!

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DeeGee - Another anterior placenta Mama here! I had a similar experience yesterday, too - had a 2 hour drive with a half-hour break in between - realized I hadn't felt the baby move in quite awhile, but then thought about it and felt that maybe the ride had simly lulled him/her to sleep : ) I also had a lot of braxton-hicks - went and laid down before dinner, which seemed to calm them down, and then the baby moved, so all was well! My stomach seems to feel tight quite often - slightly different than contractions, thinking it might have something to do with the super-fun pg related gas and constipation!


So glad to have a chance to read up on everyone's weeks - hope we all are having a good Thursday : )

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Quote:Originally Posted by DeeGee 1873 View Post

Finally got some movement, and it was even enough to keep me awake for another hour, and I didn't even mind that it kept me awake because I was just so glad to feel him moving around. In the light of day, I feel like I was just being a little too much of a worrier, and that maybe he was moving plenty yesterday but I was too busy to notice.




I think it's totally normal for us to worry about movement from time to time.  Or to realize we hadn't noticed any in a while.  Especially now, we're mostly still probably 22-25 weeks or so here.  


Sometimes we're so busy too and active I think we just lull the baby to sleep LOL.  I was out walking this morning and didn't feel anything the whole time.  But I was pretty tired when I got back, had something to drink and laid down for a few minutes and the kiddo woke up it seems and I had tons of kicks and punches.


The other day I watched one of those 19 kids and counting episodes, the one where she miscarried her child.  Probably not the best idea for a pregnant woman to watch.  

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Deegee- I just watched the video "In the Womb," and somewhere on there they stated that our babies sleep over 90% of the time from 25 weeks onwards. Hearing that helped calm my nerves a little bit. While I don't have an anterior placenta, I still slow down usually once a day just to feel him move for reassurance. 

Christy- you made me laugh. I'm picturing you falling asleep- maybe the beginners stuff is too boring for you? Also, I finally made myself a big knitting needle roll, something I've wanted to make myself for over a year. I put all of my knitting needles together and apparantly I really like size 8's. I ended up with 6 pairs of that one size! So- the offer is still there if you want them- instead of chopsticks :) 

travelmumma- your day sounds lovely! I could spend three hours in a craft store, no problem! Also, will you share the elephant when you are finished with it? My friend has a handmade little elephant that was given to her and I think I want to make one, too. 

Kel- good luck with your drive this weekend! I'm so excited for you to get to go home! How are your family and more specifically your daughter doing with everything? 

Jen- sucky on the hemmoroids!  I had them with my first daughter and can only empathize. Take care of yourself mama!! 

Dana, how did you far over the last few days with Isaac? 

Kelly- my dh started school last week and we've barely seen him since then. I even took the garbage out yesterday! It's going to be a crazy, busy school year for sure! We started homeschooling this week, too. It's nothing too intense yet, but we are having fun for sure! 

Tropicana- I love what you said on Sunday, about letting everyone know that you do read through these posts. I do to, just don't always post back. I love, love, love all of you and am so glad this little group is so supportive and close! 


AFM- I cannot, CANNOT believe just how fast this is going by. Technically, I'm in my last week of my 2nd trimester. Crazy! I'm still waiting for cooler weather so I can not melt when we go outside. It's still been hanging in the 90's over here in Kansas.  I hope you guys all have a great Labor day and weekend. We are taking the girls to the annual pow wow and are really excited! 

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Thinking of you all . . .


I had quite a day yesterday.  A confrontation came up at work (nothing dangerous, just other people being unhappy about things that I have to deal with, not even blaming me for them, but just . . . in my area of responsibility) and I just burst out in tears.  I couldn't help myself at all.  I felt terrible, and horribly embarrassed.  This is my 4th pregnancy, and I swear I've never been this emotional before.  Then I had to pick up DS1 from an evening activity and didn't get home/in bed until close to 11.  I am SO TIRED today!  And pregzilla, too . . ..


I agree that lack of movement gets me worried, but I think it's getting better as baby gets bigger and bigger.  Part of it for me is that after my first baby, all of the rest have felt so mild-mannered in comparison! 


So my technique for 'I can't possibly do personals for a thread this long' is to do like, the last three.  redface.gif  So here goes.  Purposeful, what's the most fun thing you are doing in homeschooling right now?  And I hope the schedule evens out some so you can get some more help from DH!  Phatchristy, no we should definitely not be watching such shows!  My kids wanted to watch something about tsunamis the other day and I had to make them turn it off.  I couldn't take the tragedy level at all.  NewCT - oh, the gas!  I have terrible gas.  The thing that seems to help me the most is lying down in an odd, sort of twisted position, with my torso in a side-lying position and my legs sprawled out as if I were lying on my tummy.  Fortunately, this position also makes my hips/pelvis pretty happy.

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Hi, ladies! So much going on for each of us. TBH I feel a little overwhelmed joining the weekly thread on Friday. It feels rude not to witness each of you in your triumphs and struggles. I'd like to propose that we all agree that from here on out it's 100% ok to skip the personal replies. Yeah?


Hemmorhoids...I've found plaintain oil to be awesome. Just beware that it can stain your undies green.




Baby movements...I barely feel my LO move all day long. She'll usually give me a few good kicks right before bed and maybe one or two in the AM. Other than that, nothing. I have a posterior placenta so it's not that, though it was lying sort of low at 20 weeks so maybe that has something to do with it? This has really been bugging me too. Oddly in processing it last week, I uncovered a little anger towads baby: feeling ignored and like she's not keeping up her end of the relationship almost as if a friend wasn't returning my phone calls. Huh. It's been tough sometimes to let go of the desire to control this process and trust that everything is ok even when there's no outward sign to confirm it.


Maternity clothes PSA...Old Navy has 30% off through Sept 3rd. I finaly gave in and ordered a few things. Thrifting and improvising this summer has been fun, and yet this belly is outpacing my efforts. I swear every time I put away laundry half of what I washed goes in a box "for later". I loathe getting dressed each morning (see "pregzilla", above).

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Did I just mix up anterior and posterior placenta? I forget which is which. I have the one where you should be able to feel kicks, not the one that makes it harder to feel them. Whatever. You know what I mean :P

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Originally Posted by phatchristy View Post

I think it's totally normal for us to worry about movement from time to time.  Or to realize we hadn't noticed any in a while.  Especially now, we're mostly still probably 22-25 weeks or so here.  


Sometimes we're so busy too and active I think we just lull the baby to sleep LOL.  I was out walking this morning and didn't feel anything the whole time.  But I was pretty tired when I got back, had something to drink and laid down for a few minutes and the kiddo woke up it seems and I had tons of kicks and punches.


OK, am I a total neurotic that I worry about the very opposite? What is it with these pregnancy induced completely ridiculous fears? I have been worried because I feel TOO MUCH movement....seriously, there are times when I think "He is freaking out in there, is he having a seizure? It can not be normal for a baby to be moving around so violently in there!" Crazy, I know. nut.gif


On another note, I had a very interesting conversation with my 5 year old (adopted) daughter last night. She was telling me that she doesn't remember the night that the case worker brought her to our house. I told her she was too young to remember (12 weeks old) but asked her if she remembered coming to the hospital when Gabriel was born (she was almost 3). She said she didn't remember it. She asked why I went to the hospital and I explained that a lot of women go the the hospital to have a baby. Conversation that followed:
DD - "you should have had a midwife".

Me -  "you're right but at the time I thought I couldn't afford it and I thought our insurance would pay for the hospital. "

DD - "well, it's expensive to have a baby at the hospital too".

Me - "Yes, but I thought it wouldn't be as expensive but I was wrong"

(DD is quiet for a minute)

Me - (thinking why is she being so adamant about this?) "Yes, I should have"


Me - (finally understanding the outbreak) "Well. most babies get to stay with their mommies...they only take the baby if they know the mommy won't be able to keep the baby safe and take care of them".

End of conversation at that point.

OMGOSH, it broke my heart! She was removed from her moms care at birth. She clearly associates hospital births with babies being removed from their mamas. mecry.gif

On a good note, I think we have created another future home birther! winky.gif

After that conversation she told me she wanted to be there when her brother is born and that she wants to go wake up her brother ans sister afterward to tell them. thumb.gif She is always the one that wants to watch home birth videos with me.

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Oh, Tropicana!  That is such a sweet and painful story.  You just about made me cry.  xoxox

(but you made me laugh right before that;)

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