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Using an Amber teething necklace

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My LO has just turned 4 months and it seems like her whole routine and sleep pattern has gone out of the window.  She used to sleep from about 10pm to 6am.  Sometimes I had to put the paci in a few times but it was no problem.  Now literally from one day to the next this has all changed and she will wake from as early as 12.30am.  During the day she is drooling a lot and chewing on her fingers and bottle and at night she's rolling around trying to get on her side but can't get comfy and getting notted in her sleep sack etc.  During the day she is also a lot less happy.


I have decided to try an Amber necklace, can't say I think it's really going to work but I would more rather see if this works rather than giving her paracetamol etc.  I have ordered a necklace and bracelet/anklet set because it's just so hard to imagine the sizes and what it will really be like.


My question is does the baby have to wear it all the time for it to work?  Can they get de-sensitized to it if they wear it to much?  I am happy with her having the necklace on during the day under her bodysuit but not at night.  I think she could wear the anklette at night though because she sleeps in a sleep suit and can't get at it but not during the day because she plays with her feet a lot...

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The younger babes it's recommended not to wear them all the time, however for the amber to work then it is recommended as a continuous wear item.


As far as my understanding the ankle one may help a little however it's more of a targeted area type help.


We didn't start using one for our younger DD until she was a bit older and so I felt comfortable letting her wear it all the time. We loved ours :)

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i put an amber necklace on dd when she was 2 months old and left it on her 24/7

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