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Oahu Kokua Market Co-op

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I am just wondering if anyone is a member of the Kokua Market Co-op and if y'all can give me some insight on it?  We are military and living on AMR so although I am about to start some raised garden beds I cannot keep things like chickens here.  I am trying to find the most affordable way to feed my family a diet that is healthy and conscious of the environment.  I saw that they do sell meat there which is good because we are not vegetarians.



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Bumping for input. Any Kokua Market Co-op members with input?

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I shop there periodically. Their selection is good, they aren't huge and neither is their selection. Whole Foods has the whole range of everything but their prices are maybe a little higher. If you are choosing to shop there exclusively then Kokua is probably a better choice than blowing your (or dh's) whole paycheck on groceries.

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I have long wanted to check out Kokua and I know they have discounts for working there as part of the co-op but they are super inconveniently located for me! Try some of the CSAs too, like Just Add Water, plus egg farms like K & K in Waimanalo for good prices and fresh foods.

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Thanks Erin!

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