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Lexington/Winchester, KY

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So DH and I have agreed to talk about talking about a possible move.  Was that non-commital enough? 

He has a potential job lead in this area.  What can you tell me about the area?  I have a 2nd grader who needs some gifted/talented services and a 4yr old who will probably need even more of that. My DD goes to public school here.   

We would be looking at renting, probably  house at first.  Are there better/worse parts of the area?  Winchester seems small, is it a bad commute from Lexington?  I can see on google maps it says 33min, do you think that would be accurate? 

Anything you can share would be great! 


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Winchester is a nice little town. I dont know that much about the area specifically, but I know Lexington has plenty of great stuff for raising kids. I live an hour away from Lexington and an hour away from Louisville, and I never commute to Lexington for anything. TBH, the commute is a huge PIA because Lexington has terrible traffic for the size of the city.


Kentucky in general is great place to live :)

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Lexington has a great natural parenting store called Mother Nurture.  They also have a sister store called Baby Moon.  Mother Nurture has an active Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MotherNurtureKY


Baby Moon: https://www.facebook.com/BabyMoonLex


ETA: I live in Louisville, so I don't have any direct experience with living in Lexington or Winchester.  I believe there are some Lexington Mama's on here, so they may be able to give better advice.

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Anyone here from Lexington who can tell me anything more?

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Still considering moving here a few months later?  

It's not a bad drive from Winchester to Lexington. I haven't heard great things about Clark County schools. (Winchester area.) I think their high school has a high rate of drug use.  You would be better off with Lexington's public schools, or possibly Georgetown public schools in Scott County.  

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Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately we aren't moving to the area.  I was pretty bummed my husband didn't get the job.  The company even flew us out to see the area and to interview him in person so we thought it was pretty sure that we would get an offer after they spent that much on getting us out there.  The area was beautiful and I think that it would have been great for our family, but apparently just wasn't meant to be.  OH, and I agree, the drive between Lexington and Winchester was not a problem at all. 

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