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Im a little worried. I've never had any swelling with any of my pregnancies. right now i have hippo feet. it came on suddenly last night when i got home from work. went down a little overnight. im off of work now and it has gone up considerably... I am swollen up to my knees! No hands or face issues and no blurry vision or headaches... But this is freaking me out. my ankles are also kinda tingly and numb...

I'm going to stop at cvs on my way home and check my blood pressure before calling my midwife. im getting plenty of fluids (around 90-100oz per day) and my salt intake is not over the top though i do make sure i get sodium. i eat plenty of protein...

Anus btdt advice? Google is scary.
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This is definitely something to discuss with your midwife, which you're already getting to (though I would consider calling straight away rather than waiting).

For relief, I highly recommend walking in chest deep water if you have a pool available. That helps me tons any time I get a bit of swelling, but I've not had swelling as bad or as sudden as you describe.

Hope you are able to get relief soon!!!
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you can also soak your legs in cold water.
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My feet/ankles swell often after any sort of activity and it's pretty normal I think. It helps to soak them in cold water and then have your DH massage them. That's what I tell my DH anyway. :)

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Of course check with your midwife- but I have had the same thing for a week now, my left leg actually is bigger than the right and it turns purple if I don't keep it above my heart and lay down. I have been to my OB and even my regular Dr. cause it was scary but they said everything was fine. I have super low blood pressure as well. But of course it can be a problem for some people, please keep us posted! Cold water helps and just keep those legs up. I also have the tingling sometimes feels like pins and needles, but  I also get it in my hands. Hang in there!

Mothering › Groups › September 2012 Due Date Club › Discussions › Swelling?