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lead paint

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Hi Mamas,

I wanted to get feedback or support on a connundrum. I am a single mama in San Francisco, a grad student: not a small feat. I feel constantly pushed around by the housing market (as do most here). The latest is the the decidely non-AP, conservative, mean lady ;) with the big, huge flat who invited us to move in with her and her 3 yr old, now has decided she wants us to move out. It's rent inflation time around here, but luckily, my friends came to the rescue and subletted me a cute place in the Mission. With tons of peeling paint! Several places test positive for lead this AM, most of it where I was going to put my 3 yr old's bedroom.  


I've done all the research and started the project myself (was going to hold my breath, do it right, then get her blood levels tested) but when I saw those little pink sticks that read "lead here," well, that's when I stopped and called my mom.


Lead abatement is super pricey and we (I dont think) cant go thru the landlord. The idea was if the lease just turned over, he would raise the rent astronomically. I thought something was wrong with the Craigslist search botton when I went on today and nothing came up in the Mission for 1500 minimum price, then 1600, then 1700. That's right, STUDIOS there start at 1850 now.


What what what should I do? Find a way to remove the most offensive window frame, paint the rest with hardcore products, clean with a hepa and move in? Find another place? I am waiting to hear from a friend of family who paints (fingers crossed).


Little miss 40 hr a week day care, send kid to dad's, go on week long vacations alone without kid (3 or was it 5 this season!) is giving us 2 more weeks. And we finally had an actually fight, which was a relief compared to passive aggression and put-down emails.


Any and all feedback, thanks.

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I wanted to clarify that that bit at the bottom was just unloading...I think I had meant to show how we are in a bit of a hostile situation at present, housing wise, thus adding stress to the whole issue. I mentioned her kid going to dad's (mine does too) and her on vacation in the context of us being radically different mothers with different needs. Hoping it doesnt distract from the post and thanks for indulging me.  

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Hi OP:  did you talk to the landlord about it?  Landlords in NY are required to test and abate (given a few caveats).  Don't try to abate yourself if you don't have experience.  I'm not sure what the abatement requirements are in San Francisco, but I would check into it first before making any decisions to try to remediate.  A lot of pre-70's buildings (even single family houses) used lead paint.  San Francisco is an old city and I would imagine that a lot of the housing stock there (except for very recent construction - 70's through now) will have lead paint.  I've been testing my own apartment because my building was built in the 30s and I'm trying to renovate.  If your landlord doesn't respond, perhaps you can touch base with your buildings department in S.F.?

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I guess I wasnt clear enough. This is an illegal sublet. I am taking it because the 'real' prices are bonkers and my friend want to sublet so there is one more "affordable" place in the city. I feel back into a corner housing wise because I am a single mother with a grad student's income. The rents here are currently higher than NYC btw.  

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I'm sorry, OP, I misread your post.  Anyway, I still think that it may be more dangerous (exposure-wise) if you try to remove anything.  Maybe you can go to your local paint store and ask if they sell any types of sealants?  I would imagie that this comes up more often than not.

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If you were to do anything yourself, you'd need a special filter mask and you'd need to seal off the room with plastic sheeting while you knocked peeling paint off the wall, clean it up thoroughly including *all* the dust, and use sealant paint over what was left. 

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I have read that the at-home test kits are not very reliable. I'm wondering if you might actually save money and hassle by hiring a pro to test it for you. If you do move in, make sure to keep the floors vacuumed/mopped. I hope it all works out for you.
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