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What's going in your birth center/ hospital bag?

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I packed too much for my DD's birth but now I'm at a loss for what I might need this time around. We are planning a water birth at a birth center. What are you mamas planning to bring?
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I'm having a home birth, but if I were to pack a bag for the birth center I would probably keep it simple.

Pj's for mommy and baby for after birth, reviving blanket, hat for baby, cloth diapers for baby, or just disposables, buy I'm sure they will have those there for you. Camera, pony tail holder, hair brush.. And any labor comfort things you might want/need. I find the little stuff like chap sick and socks went UN used in my hospital births. Good luck smile.gif
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I'm just starting to think about this, so this isn't a complete list


-flip flops (that can go in the water) for walking around/showering. 

-my own jammies, going home outfit

- outfits for baby/hat, diapers if you don't want the hospital ones

- pillow

-cameras, extra batteries, chargers (including for the cell phone) 

- up to date phone/e-mail list for announcing

- snacks (granola bars, apples, easy stuff)

-extra hair elastic

- any meds you're taking (I'm taking something for my thyroid that I will need to remember)



I'm not remembering what I brought last time that was really useful, but I did overpack too. I'll have a back up going home outfit this time. DS was bigger than I thought he'd be and didn't fit into the one I brought, so he just went home in a sleeper - not a big deal, but I'll plan better this time.

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I remember having all kinds of stuff last time but not using it.  I think we only used the baby clothes and my change of clothes.  Plus husband's swimsuit since he was in the water with me.  We didn't stay over night. 

I don't remember using chap stick, breath mints, comfort stuff (hot pads, rolling pins...) although I will probably bring some again this time.  I also brought a quick reference book about different procedures so I could get someone to read up on them if I wasn't familiar with them.  I didn't use that either but will bring it again just in case. 

I will need to bring clothes, blankets, entertainment, food for my daughter who is coming to the birth center with us. 

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I packed an iPod and speakers and candles to bring last time. Clothes for both of us and food for during and after.

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I will also bring nursing pads since my milk has always come in on the 2nd day...  I will try to put together toiletries in small travel containers so that I don't have to pack those in early labor.  I remember that it was nice to have my own toiletries. 


And of course we can't forget the carseat!  :)

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I'm delivering at a hospital so I'll be packing the basics with a few additions. We ended up not using the iPod with DD so we can skip that. I ran out of clean socks I really like fuzzy socks so this time lots of warm cozy fuzzy socks! Also the book 'On the night you were born' we read it to dd after she was born and it was such a special memory that I want to do it again for DS.

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Aw, tipslady, I love that tradition with On the Night You Were Born... what a beautiful memory!

Thanks for the inspiration, ladies. I started a small list, both recalling last birth as well as some ideas on here: nursing gown; socks/slippers and flip flops (for tub); swimsuit for DH; thyroid meds for me; snack bars; hard candies and coconut water (both helped me a ton last time when I started throwing up, UGH); basic toiletries (toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and favorite lotion); change of clothes for DH, me and baby to go home in; receiving blanket for baby; hair elastics; iPod and iHome speakers; incense; camera and battery charger; iPad for entertainment/ emails; cell phones; copies of birth plan. And of course, carseat ready to go for the little one. I still feel like it's a lot but it's a lot less than what I packed the first time :)

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So I pack a labor bag, a postpartum bag and a coming home bag.. Mainly because I like to keep things decluttered and not have everything there at once..


Labor bag- I have NEVER used this but I do pack it.

chap stick




snacks for the hubs

pad of paper and pen

cross word puzzle book (I find crossword puzzles really distracting so good for early "annoying" labor until I need to concentrate to get through contractions)


extra camera battery

extra camera



Postpartum bag

pad of paper/pen (moved from labor bag)

camera (moved from labor bag)

camera charger

nursing bras (2 usually)

nursing pads

travel size toiletries

towel (at least 1, maybe 2)


little sister onesie and skirt for pictures with her siblings


knitting project


coming home

outfit for me

outfit for baby

nursing pads


Thats about it.

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