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Motomom: i'm so happy to hear that your dh gets to be with you. Sometimes everything will just magically fall into place. That is great.

I have never worried about the weight loss after birth. After my first it just happened. I was back to my pre pregnancy weight within a few weeks, without doing anything. After allie it took a bit longer (bout six months) so we'll see how it goes now.

I crack up at how immobile i have gotten. I cant put on my sandals or even just underwear without falling to my side ha.
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Sigh. Contractions stopped at about midnight. I had a few overnight but I fell asleep right after. Nothing as of right now. Not one tiny sign of anything. irked.gif


I just want it to all stop until the real thing. I cannot take one more day of this start/stop crap. I can't!

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No baby yet. I'm still losing globs of plug but that's about it. I need a weekend away from my kids as terrible as it sounds! Everytime a good contraction pattern starts, it ends up stopping because I get so frustrated with my kids... Always fighting, screaming, 4yo has some issues of her own that make parenting tricky... I just need a few days of quiet and alone time and this baby will surely come out. or maybe ill just be pregnant forever :/
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I will be having abx for my home birth, but I have a home birth ob and a midwife. He really felt safer giving them for gbs+ and I trust his opinion (there are not many drs I would... but I trust him). It looks like this is a pretty unique situation though. It depends on my labor how I will get them. He said if it looks like a longer labor, Ill get a few shots in the butt over a couple of hours. If it looks like there isnt much time, then he'll do a heplock and give them IV.

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I agree on the feeling pregnant forever. This is my second pregnancy in a row, since I got pregnant when my son was 3 months old. My husband jokes "what if your belly looked like that FOREVER!" just because he has gotten so used to seeing me with a belly.. not making a weight loss joke.


I dont know how the 19 kids and counting lady does it. I am not a happy pregnant lady.

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Alli, I totally agree! I am also not a happy preggie. I'm amazed you have a home birth OB. I didnt even know such a creature existed! Also amazed you would get abx injections when standard of care is always IV. Where do you live?
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I live in Santa Barbara, CA. My home birth ob is Dr. Fischbein. His office is located about an hour away in Camarillo, CA and he lives somewhere close to LA but willing to travel to SB for home birth. He is fairly well known in this area for his progressive stance, his roll in the birth action coalition, and let me tell you, he is a lifesaver! There wasnt a midwife or hospital within 100 miles that was willing to do a hospital or home vbac. Dr. Fischbein advocates for vbacs, breech vaginal births and twin births and does them routinely as part of a home birth setting.


His website



His blog


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I dont know of many or any others that exist. I know for sure he is the only one in this area.

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Thats so awesome! He is so awesome!
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wow, he is really special :)

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Little one is still head down. Hopefully I'm not measuring any larger at my appt on Tuesday. I'm going to ask for my membranes to be swept.. Hopefully that will help out my reluctant cervix. Post-sweep I'll either do a small amount of castor oil or more homeopathics to get things going.

I woke up with a massive headache this morning greensad.gif I have so much to do around the house.
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WCM, thanks for the update! I was thinking of you this morning and wondering where things were. Keep it up(side down), little one! As for the mama, I hope the headache clears up soon.

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WCM, I hope your headache has subsided by now - not a great way to start the day! I know membrane sweeping works really well for most people so I hope if labor doesn't start spontaneously this labor day weekend, the sweep works on Tuesday. 


My husband is at home with the kids, cleaning like a maniac. I'll be doing laundry and organizing when I get back, but right now I'm enjoying some quiet time in the local library. I can't totally believe that my due date is in 2 1/2 weeks! I'm sort of like....what? Really? Already? I've washed all the baby clothes/sheets/washcloths etc that I have for Benji. I'll be picking up the car seat MIL is giving me today. This labor day weekend seems to have become our concentrated nesting and organizing project. 

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Worldshakerz - this does feel like a nesting weekend! Great that you were able to get things done and how awesome that your DH is helping you out a ton.

And thank you to you both! I'm 38+1 today according to the midwife dates, but my due date could be as soon as this Thursday according to mine! This kid just flipflops everywhere...

My headache subsided after breakfast but is starting to make a comeback as my 4yo is being extremely unhelpful with her sister, picking fights.. Augh..
I spent the first two hours after breakfast cleaning and rearranging the dining room, something I've been asking of my husband for two weeks now. then I took a four hour nap, waking up a few times to get the kids snacks and break up fights. I'm waiting on him to get home so he can wrangle them and keep them out of the kitchen so I can clean that (also something he has been asked multiple times!) and cook dinner (because we really need a home cooked meal!).

I still haven't washed any baby clothing or prepped any diapers. I do have a brand new box of size 4 sposies we bought for dd2 but she potty learned quickly. worst case scenario we'll strap those on baby until diapers are washed! I also don't have all of my newborn diapers yet. I have 15, WHICH I thought would be okay as that's what we used with dd2 and we washed daily.. But our landlord just informed us that there would be no washer or dryer available Sunday or Monday as the lady downstairs has claimed those. I ordered a dozen more prefolds to fill that gap yesterday....
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Wow, I haven't logged in for a few days and this thread has been bustling!  I saw that Lauren82 had her baby, but I have to say I am shocked that no one else had their babies!!


Not much new here.  Yesterday we went apple picking and to the beach, it was a beautiful first day of September.  Today was kind of rainy so it was a good excuse to pick up a little and do a little cooking.  Last night we went to the drive-in theater.  It wasn't too bad except the bathroom was sooooooo far away and everytime I walked I had BH contractions so it took me forever to get there!  I feel a lot different this time than I did at this point with DD.  I don't know if it was just that DD was my first and I didn't know what to expect, but this time I feel so much anxiety.  Not necessarily about the act of birthing, but just knowing when it is going to happen.  With DD I was so relaxed about it.  I think also my DH really wants baby to stay in until my due date at least, so it is almost like I have this pressure on me (which I obviously have no control over). 


Sorry no personals, just wanted to say hi!

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Since this is the last day of this chat thread I feel more inclined to whine I think... like... "oh well, at least we'll move on to another week and I can leave this behind..." ;)


My pubic bone hurts right now.  So does my lower back.  And dh is SUUUUUUUPER grumpy and won't talk about it.  I want to say, "Dude.  Suck it up.  At least YOU don't have to carry around a baby and hang out at your mom's house when it's a million degrees because she's baking/cooking/etc a lovely dinner but it's making everything So Damn Hot."  But instead I just roll my eyes in his general direction when he's not looking and carry on.  MIL did make some pretty amazing homemade mac'n'cheese, but I ate too much (leaving me feeling like hurling) and now it's giving me RAGING heartburn and I want to pull my esphogus out with my bare hands.  I'm trying to just ignore dh's foul mood, but it's rubbing off on me!  Ack!  I think I'll go sew instead to try to get some zen going on....

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Judybean, I can totally relate! DH has been helping do a lot of cleaning/organizing today but he is in a foul mood as well, so the only thing I have been able to do is leave the house or be in a separate room. My DD is also not going to bed. This has been an on and off issue with her since she was a toddler and tonight neither DH or I feel like dealing with it irked.gif My zen will be found when everyone else is alseep, lol. 

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Hi, all!

I am also surprised we haven't had more babies just yet smile.gif It's exciting to read the birth announcements, though I am content for mine to stay in for a bit.

WCM - I still haven't washed any baby clothes or prepped any diapers, either redface.gif The plan is to get the baby stuff set up tomorrow while DH is home from work (put up the cosleeper and set up a diaper-changing station). Then DD starts preschool (EEEK) on Wednesday and maybe I can get more ready then.

activealli - I'm 99% sure the ICAN leader in St. Louis had an OB who also did homebirths for her first VBAC, but yeah, that's incredibly super rare, I think.
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Crystal_Buffaloe: Glad to know I'm not alone, haha!  I start homeschooling DD on Tuesday (tomorrow is my last day of work and I have a morning shift which is unusual)... I really, really need to go over the curriculum tonight!  Blah!


Judybean- Healing+feelbetter vibes to you <3 Love & light.  


Ava's Mama- YES.  I too am surprised we haven't had more babies yet.  But yknow, it's September now!  I have a feeling we'll have quite a few more babes by the end of the week!


AFM-  Exciting-ish news :)  I was checking to see if baby was still head down.. so basically feeling for a bowling ball in my vagina.  Found.. lol.  Anyways, I figured I'd check my cervix and while it's still a little posterior (and I'm getting so much rounder!) my cervix itself is almost completely effaced.  I can only feel a little lip of it, so crazy!  I do know that my cervix does tend to stay posterior through labor though.. probably something to do with my pelvis and I also have a retroverted uterus while not pregnant.  


So literally, all my body has left to do is dilate my cervix and let a baby fall out.  Oh, if only it were that simple!

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Ugh, all you ladies who can check their cervixes (is that a word??)...very interesting. I cannot feel anything, nada. good luck to all of you who have been more or less laboring around.


Now I'm even less in a hurry. I just learned that the airline my mom was supposed to take on Tuesday has been striking and is planning more strikes for Tuesday...yikes. She might not make it in time if baby does decide to come early but here's to hoping that baby will stay cooking a few more days and my mom makes it in time.

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