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Fetal Position - My baby seems to prefer LOA, but he does go back and forth between LOA and ROA, with a strong preference for LOA.  Love seeing that little bum move side to side :)

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I'm finding it very funny that I just did a hypnobabies fear release session, and immediately after I had a nightmare. I'm guessing that is "irony"?

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What is LOA and ROA?

I can tell she's head down, i get a lot of kicks on my left side when i look down on me. Butt is on the upper right side.

I noticed i keep working towards "deadlines" lol...first it was a concert on the 12. Then dd birthday party on the 18., kindergarten for ds on the 27., my mom coming on september 4 and one more council meeting worknight for me on september 6. Once that day is over, baby can come smile.gif.
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has anyone else noticed that the chat threads get longer and longer the closer we get to september??

I can barely keep up this week and its only tuesday!

Had a postpartum visit today- Jude is up to 7lbs- he was 6-14 at birth 10 days ago so yay milk! I pumped yesterday and got 2.5 oz, which I was excited about, but then this morning when I pumped I got a grand total of 10mL... that was not super exciting!
A friend of mine who is a photographer came and shot Jude's newborn pics today. Can't wait to see them! she said they'd be edited and ready in 2 weeks! its gonna be a long 2 weeks.. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by MissE View Post

What is LOA and ROA?




This will explain by picture. I had to look it up too. 


Right now... and for the past 6 weeks... Nico's been "ROP". I have my midwife's app tomorrow though to confirm. 


I had a weird day today. I felt like Nico was suddenly a million times heavier and I had to start waddling around. I have been a little prideful on the fact that my walk has stayed pretty normal up until this point... but I guess I'll have to let go of my pride. (; I'm wondering if he's slipped down a bit or something? I'm not sure. It's pretty strange. It wasn't like this just yesterday though, so something happened! I also have been feeling super... what's the word... period-y. Ha. Having lower cramps and feeling a bit nauseated which is strange, because I never felt any nausea in the first trimester at all! Maybe it's just getting later in the game. I still don't "feel" like a baby is coming soon. 

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Madi, yes, I've noticed we've been much more chatty the closer to September we get. I think more of us are just not feeling like doing a lot besides sit or lay down with a laptop/phone and relax, or at least take lots of breaks in between other things. Plus baby is more and more on my mind the closer i get to my due date. 


Anya, I was pretty happy about not waddling too and then it hit me about 2 weeks ago. I think its almost unavoidable in the last few weeks as our babies have grown so much and they are getting settled to wear they need to be for birth :) So if you think of it like that, its exciting haha. 


Speaking of being exited, my SIL had her baby today! She was induced at a hospital very early this morning and about 11 or 12 hours later her little boy Ethan was born. I haven't seen a picture yet but apparently, according to my brother in law, my nephew looks a lot like my daughter! 


This morning I woke up with a slight sore throat/ear ache. Taking extra Vit C and I'll be going to bed hopefully early tonight - I need to end the cycle of insomnia! 


Benji likes hanging out ROA, sometimes LOA, and even ocassionally is OA. It's funny to see him move from what side to another. 

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Neat - this baby is ROT at the moment. I've been having contractions on and off all day. I took a 30 minute walk by myself about an hour ago and the contractions were consistent, 2.5 minutes apart. But I can't keep walking. My pubic bone and hips start screaming at me. So needless to say, my contractions have stopped. Sigh.


I have to check my cervix to see if these contractions have done anything for me. I was about 4 cm dilated this morning but my cervix felt very deep/thick still.  Either way, at least I know I am half way done dilating. So that's promising!

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Maman, that is certainly encouraging that you're already that dilated and having some more prelabor stuff - how exciting :). 

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It's so exciting hearing about everyone progressing. We're all getting there. I still feel pretty good. I walked DS to Kindergarten  yesterday but nearlly died when I picked him back up,not because I was in pain but because it was HOT. It's still close to 100 degrees every day, ugh. I even walked the dog later last night. Today I drove closer to the school so I didn't have to walk as far.

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Yea, just a week or two ago, I thought we were done with the 90s for the season, but this week has been the most uncomfortable for me, so far.

My latest labor paranoia: that my water will break while I'm out and about with the boys, and labor will come on so strong that I can't drive home. What is most frustrating is that I can't come up with any 'solution' to this issue, which is the one way worrying has helped me through this pregnancy. Most of the time, I have been able to visualize positive outcomes (and I'm happy that I can finally consider cesarean positive in certain situations!). If I can't come up with a workable solution, this worrying is pretty pointless!!

Full term, tomorrow, and a bit stronger of BH contractions this evening.
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Wow, this thread is flying this week!


It's great to hear how everyone is progressing. I'm a little jealous of those of you who can easily tell your baby's position. Even the midwife was having trouble with this one, other than being sure s/he is head down. Baby tends to hang out on my right, but sometimes facing left, sometimes right and sometimes, I think straight anterior. AnyaRose, thanks for that link! I understood what the positions stood for in theory, but it's great to be able to visualize them.


I've been having some interesting digestive issues since the end of last week. I think baby is just squishing everything out of place. Other than that, not much sign of progress. Although I did get lots of those little cervix changes over the course of the day, so maybe something's starting to happen. I'm in no rush though. I'm only 37 weeks tomorrow, and DH will be out of town for 3 days next week, and 2 the week after. He's set it up so that there's someone to cover for him if need be, but it still makes me a little anxious. My biggest fear is that I won't be able to tell the difference between prodomal labour and the real thing and if things get moving while he's gone I'll either leave it too long, or call him back for nothing. I guess that's something to discuss with my midwife next appointment.

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I'm 39 weeks today! I started having strong prodomal labor last Friday on my sons 1 st birthday. I refused to acknowledge it as we had a big BBQ and party planned for Saturday. Lost my mucusnplug starting Saturday morning and I freaked out some more. Must. Get. Through. Party! I ignored it through the party and afterwards finally contacted my home birth ob and doula and let them know what was going on. I was told to hydrate, rest, and let them know if it got more intense. It wasn't painful, more felt like I was doing sit ups while getting my period. Husband took care of my son through the night saturdsy night so I could get my first full night of sleep without waking up to feed my son ( yup... At 1 year old he still gets up for a bottle...) . Woke up Sunday morning with an achy back and lower abdomen but not contractions and lost the last big chunk of my mucus plug!! I'm feeling pretty set for this baby now that we have gotten through my sons birthday. redface.gif

I saw my home birth ob today and everything looks great. He doesn't believe in cervical checks as it won't make a difference. Labor will happen when it chooses to happen. No swelling. Bp looks great. From what I can tell she is ROT.

So plan for the week is to keep active and get lots of rest. I am doing a stroller bootcamp 3 times a week, walking/ hiking for an hour almost every day in the evening with the husband, son and doggie, and grooming/ lunging/ ground working the horses 2 to 3 times a week. My dr usually teases me about taking it easy because he knows that isn't a phrase in my vocab.

How soon after losing your mucus plug on your previous pregnancies did you go into labor? Because of the high risk nature of my pregnancy with my son I was sectioned at 38 weeks so never got this far....
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Carlin- I have been having digestive issues as well. I agree I feel it's the baby squishing my belly. Staying active and eating lots of very small veggie/ fruit meals have helped. I have been living off salad, watermelon, fruit, and vega vegan energizing protein smoothies ( alkaline forming whole food veggie probiotic smoothie that you just mix with water).

Side note- another darn skunk just skunked outside our living room. For some reason they have been swarming around our house. There is not much worse when you are pregnant. There is nothing you can do about it! They got our master bedroom at 2 am last week when we slept with the windows open to keep our bedroom a bit cooler so sleep has been rough. We either risk skunking or sweat to death with the windows shut.
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Anyarose, the link is super useful, it answered a lot of questions I had about the baby's head positioning in the pelvis, which I wasn't that clear on before :) those screws coming out of the mannequin's pelvis around the baby's head though! creeeepy! haha. Here's another link for Spinning Babies that's been talked about a lot here at the very bottom there is a 'Fetal Compass Rose' that has helped me figure out what was going on in there a few times.  I'm no expert though! I can only figure it out if there are enough super obvious kicks, bumps, and clues ;)

Nukuspot, you were right on- baby is now back to LOA, or close to it :) It doesn't feel exactly the same as before but very close, and I've got a bump on the top left and kicks on the top right.  I can't believe the list of ailments you've had this time around, I really hope things smooth out for you soon. 


I finally got some sleep last night, only had to get up a couple times.  It was so great, I feel on top of the world today! Strangely I think taking an hour nap during the day is what helped my nighttime sleep.  I'd been getting so desperate and tired by the time I went to bed (knowing it'd be another sleepless uncomfortable night) that I wasn't relaxed enough maybe?  Yesterday DH kindly but firmly suggested that I take a nap during the day, ah it made such a huge difference to my evening and my sleep that night.  I'd been resisting because I feel a little guilty sleeping during the day while he's at work, working, you know? No more guilt, daytime naps here I come!


Ok and i'm about 6 years behind on this trend, but I just made a loaf of this no-knead bread . . . shockingly good! And so easy to make.  Especially after the learning curve of the first loaf. I'm thrilled.  I've read other places as well that it works very easily with other flours like spelt, whole wheat etc. And I think the long rise is somewhat akin to a fermentation because it's somewhat sour.  So needless to say, there have been many plates of toast with avocado consumed in my house in the last couple of days! So great toasted and dipped in softboiled eggs too! Ahhhhhh. 

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Miranda, I almost always use a wheat/spelt combo on that bread and it always turns out fantastically. I also like to add chopped olive, garlic, and sundried tomatoes (the kind you buy packed in oil) to the dough and on top right before I bake it. It is SUCH a great, easy recipe!



I know this little one is growing and not dropping yet because I'm starting to feel a little more shortness of breath. Apparently, it's getting crowded in there! DH and I tried to watch a movie in bed the other night, and I ended up sitting up for the last 45 minutes because I just couldn't get enough air. It helped to make sure I emptied my lungs on the exhale and took slow deep inhalations, but mostly it just seems to be a position thing - trying to expand my rub cage as much as possible. Keeping my meals as small as possible, too. 


Sending good vibes to all you ladies and the beginnings of your labors. I'm only 36w3d, but my mother finally got my father to agree to a trip to Ireland (they've been married 35 years next month), and so I'm definitely NOT ALLOWED to have this baby until she gets back after the 16th.

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Digestive issues--I've started having that, too. I'm having a bit of diarrhea every morning (yes, tmi, I know). And it makes me think perhaps this probiotic isn't working well? But perhaps it isn't the probiotic. The probiotic I'm taking says to take it three times a day on a full stomach. Each serving  has 17 billion cells. It's so hard to tell what is causing it and what isn't. I've been eating fruit and veggies. Perhaps I am also getting squished?


I hope it's not the probiotic, I thought I'd finally found a solution!

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Baby position--All my babes have hung out back on my right. I've been told I have an extraordinarily wide pelvic inlet...so I guess they can to in in any position they want??? I'm pretty sure DD1 rotated through the long arc (her back traveled from my right around against my spine to my left) because I remember a ridiculous amount of pressure in my spine about an hour before I was fully dilated. I am pretty sure, though, that my DS entered my pelvis ROT or ROA. I have no idea which way he was facing when he was born though!


Digestive issues--I too have been having loose stools for the last week or so. It definitely corresponded to starting probiotics for me.  It's fine, 'cause I'd rather that than constipation!


ActiveAlli--I'm shooting for getting through MY DS's 2nd birthday party which is Monday!  Hopefully my body cooperates too.  I still will have a little over 2 weeks to my EDD though...






I had my 37w OB appointment yesterday. Like hyde and Ava's  my BP was up a bit from my normal. With my history, people definitely pay attention but still it was nothing about which to be alarmed. I lost a lb, putting me at exactly 20lbs gained, and I am measuring 2 weeks behind now. This is IDENTICAL to how things went with my son. I didn't gain any weight in the last month after a low-ish overall gain, and then I started to measure small. It's now a running joke because I had tons of extra fluid and a 9+lb baby but never measured over 37cm--and it's not like I'm tall or big!  I'm just under 5'6" and a size 6/8 not pregnant! Everyone seems to think this baby is smaller than the last 2. We shall see..  Anyway, GBS swab and internal since I was naked already. 2cm on the external os, 1cm internally and nice and soft. I will keep my pants on next appointment but probably start with some sweeps at 39w as I'd like to have this baby a bit sooner than the last one ;)


I'm totally stoked to start acupuncture tomorrow!  I did a session for labor encouragement (which turned into labor regulation since I was in early labor already) at 41+1 last time, and it really worked. So starting tomorrow I will go weekly just to get things opened up and "flowing".

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Ascher, how long have you been taking that probiotic? If I remember correctly, it's really common to have an adjustment period sometime in the first few weeks, when the new, good, bacteria are taking over, and the old, bad bacteria are dying off. The die off can create some funky side effects as your body cleans itself out. So, it may be the probiotics, but that might actually be a sign that they're doing their job, and it should just be temporary. On the other hand, it could also just be your body starting to clean itself out and prepare for labour! joy.gif


I'm sitting here, drinking my coffee, then I need to do a quick toddler proofing sweep of the house before my nephew gets here. It's amazing the difference between a 1 year old and a 3 year old in needing to keep things out of reach. I guess it's a bit of a reminder as to what I'm getting into!


Oh, and I seem to be getting a cold. Blech. That's so the last thing I need right now. I'm not sleeping well anyways, and I've been just super tired the last couple days. I'm thinking of picking up some floradix for a little boost just to make sure my iron is where it's supposed to be before this baby arrives.


And 37 weeks today!!! That likely means 3 to 5 weeks to go, but just the fact that I'm OK for a homebirth if this baby decides to surprise us all and come early is pretty exciting!

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Digestion - I think it could be the probiotics, but isn't loose stools a symptom of your body getting ready for labor as well? 


Two weird things....I am really drawn to sun flowers right now.  I seriously want to steal the sun flowers in my neighbors garden across the street or go to the farmers market just to buy sun flowers!  I had a sudden reflection today of 9.10.12 as my baby's birthday.  Interesting because a couple of weeks ago DH said something about 9.10.12, we shall see!

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Carlin- hope you don't get sick. That has been my biggest fear! I thought my son Was getting sick last week, but luckily it was just teething.
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