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Yeah, I think that baby will come when he is ready whether we have sex or do any other tricks!


Last night I was taking a showing and I went to pick up my face wash and I squealed because there was a toad/frog hiding behind it!  DH came running upstairs because he thought my water broke!  Instead he had to rescue naked pregnant lady from a frog that I thought was going to jump on me!  How a toad got in ou second story shower is beyond me.  But it is pretty funny how on edge my laid back DH is!


DD had a sleep over at my parent's house last night so DH and I got to have a date night.  We went to a town just north of us that has outlet shops and just walked around and got dinner.  The weather is perfect right now, kind of wish we could have taken a family vacation week this week instead of scambling to get work projects complete!

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Hyde, I've been having waves of anxiety too! I am totally not prone to anxiety and it's definitely not attributable to anything, so I just explore the feeling (with a sort of amusement) and use it as an opportunity to get in touch with how my body and emotions are connected. I try to talk to my SO about all this, if he's there, as it's good info for my birth partner. Then I do my best to practice relaxation exercises until is passes. Beyond that, sometimes nesting helps.


EPO: Evening Primrose Oil helps ripen the cervix, but it should not bring on labor. And it's not as good as prostaglandins (most readily found in semen), but it does soften things when applied directly. This softening won't do much if you don't have pressure on the inside from the baby's head, though -when that pressure does come- a soft cervix makes it easier for pressure to change things. If your cervix is ripe (soft) already, EPO isn't likely to make much difference. It's most affective if you place the capsule against the cervix before bed.


BPP tips: Be sure to drink a lot of water before going. Being hydrated helps, as does having a full bladder. One of the things they measure is if the baby is practicing breathing. If they don't see that, don't stress too much because they don't do it constantly. If the baby has had hiccups lately, mention it. It counts a lot of the time and sometimes they'll take your word for it. If there are concerns about fluid levels (the most common reason BPP's end in induction), then change positions, get on hands and knees, etc to get the baby to change positions. There can be a pocket of fluid hiding in there, esp with a full term baby. Evidence based practice, in the event of low fluid levels, is to go home, rest and drink tons of fluid, then come back in at the same time the next day and see if fluid is still low. If so, after thorough checking for levels, that would be legitimate cause to induce. Fetal sizing is NOT part of the BPP score and is all but completely meaningless at this point anyway. So they should not be including that.


For the NST (non-stress test) part of the BPP, get the monitors hooked up and then drink something cold and sugary. This will wake the baby up and get you an "active strip" faster. They also like to see the baby respond to contractions. A wiggly baby can bring these on, as can caffeine for many people (not real contractions, but BH). So, I tend to have a frozen mocha in hand for the post-dates NSTs I've had. And going 2-3 weeks postdates with 3 kids, I've had plenty! Once the monitors are going, try to lie on your left side instead of your back, too. This is better for baby and it's not like you're going to be on your back for any other reason, right? This is supposed to be a NON stress test. lol 




AFM: After eating all. day. long. I had this intense restless feeling last night. I felt restless, but nothing was appealing as far as what to do. I got up to just put my bowl in the washer and run it and was filled with a manic nesting urge. I deep cleaned the kitchen (which was not very involved b/c I just did that recently) and SO was great about humoring me. This was good because he did wait until a break in the show he was watching to join me and I was literally biting my tongue to keep from biting his head off. I cleaned while he hung some hooks up for the kids (this project that I've been wanting to do for a while and had everything ready for his part, the last step, for 2 days. It was making me nuts!) then we hung up a pile of pictures that have been sitting on an end table since we moved. Then I straightened up the last of what there was on this level of the house and there was just enough time for a snack before bed. 


Oh! I discovered that plain white vinegar is a great upholstery cleaner! I needed to clean the stool for the glider. It's micro suede and so I looked up cleaning for upholstered furniture. The only option listed that we had on hand was white vinegar. So, I just put some on a rag and scrubbed it down. It worked great! Then I walked around with the vinegar rag and tried other stuff. It was awesome for the ceramic cook top (and way cheaper than the expensive cleaner for that specific purpose) and was awesome on glass, too. Yay vinegar! Now I have bleach for sanitizing and vinegar for making things pretty. Today I attack the upstairs master bedroom/bathroom to turn it into a potential birthing suite. I should get off here and get to that before school gets out. After that it's pick up kids from two different schools half an hour apart, drive 20 minutes to 2 hours of appointments, then another appointment an hour after those end. All for the kids. sigh I'm so over these weekly therapy appointments, but there's no end in sight.

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Yep, the two statements were related. lol My cervix is still long, so the outside half is super ripened (like really soft and she could get 4cm from it) while the inside half is still very firm and tight. When we were trying, in order to get pregnant, SO had to actually pull back and aim at my cervix because he goes past it with regular sex and -of course- would thrust furthest in when ejaculating. That may be confusing or just TMI, but I hope it's helpful.


My mother (an L&D nurse) once told me the best way it make sex ripening and labor stimulating is to do it while on hands and knees and then after he ejaculates you flip over, immediately elevate your hips, and you orgasm like that, then stay there a while. It's a lot of detail, but -hey- I had to hear it from my mother! 

I'm not sure what the inside of my cervix is doing because I can't reach that far, but I suspect it is exactly as you describe here. I can stretch to an easy 4cm but I can't reach high enough to see just how effaced/open I actually am. I know it's more than one knuckle length as that's as far as I can reach and there is still more cervix up there.... I will ask my midwife to check if I haven't had the baby by next week. I'm due on Saturday! Ahhh!


I had contractions last night approximately 10-15 minutes apart for about 2 hours. I got my hopes up! So I went to bed while I could sleep through them and they just disappeared. Again.


I can't believe nearly everyone is term! It's so crazy. I was looking at my little pregnancy ticker in my signature and I remember when I had that beating heart at THREE weeks. Wow!


Well, I also have to clean again. My house is no longer perfect and it gives me anxiety. 

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I'm full term as of yesterday. Just got back from the doctor. I'm getting checked every week (because i'm curious like that) and i progressed from "hmm...just effaced a bit but the head needs to come down" to "2cm and head at 0 station" so that's a bit of a progress. I'm excited about it. I've been having weird one sided contractions that radiate down my legs and back...not fun. Reminded me of the back labor i had with ds.
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Vinegar is awesome! Its also great to soak stinky clothing in to get rid of any lingering BO. It also works great for any damp towels that sat around too long. I add a cup or two to our front loaders and set it to "auto soak" for an hour. If you have top loaders, it works great also if you can stop the cycle with it full of water, or just soak in a tub. We had someone come and clean out microfiber couches before my son was born who said he used "eco safe" cleaning products and he just used vinegar and water (along with a professional upholstry machine to scrub and extract the excess fluid. Worked great!

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Wow, busy thread this week! 


sex - Nothing happening here - I've been wary of preterm labour so it's been a long while for us, and then DH went this morning for his vasectomy (he got a last minute cancellation) so now he's out of commission for at least a week!  If I'm still pregnant by then, I think we'll have a go at it! lol


progress - I've declined any checks this time around, so I don't know what's happening in there, but have been having a lot of discharge and some of what I believe is my mucous plug.  Also contractions, some that are enough to make me stop walking, but nothing regular so just waiting...


I had a mw appointment this morning and at 37w5d I am measuring 51 weeks!!  My blood pressure was high but we rechecked and it came down a little so hopefully it stays low... 


My midwife seems oddly induction-happy - she has brought up induction several times now, at my least 3 appointments, and my DH finally asked her what the deal was, and she was kind of taken aback I think.  She didn't have any reason to induce, I guess she just felt like she should offer...?  In any case, as long as babies continue to do well, I am not interested.

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Just a fly by, but hyde, the non-specific anxiety feeling can be tied to your BP spiking. (I'm not saying it IS, I'm saying it CAN be.) It's an oft-reported symptom of gestational hypertension but mostly in hindsight. It may be something worthy of checking just to be on the safe side. 

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Just came back from my midwife appointment and Yay!!!! GBS negative!!!! I hadn't realized how much I'd psyched myself up for being positive again until she told me it was negative.


Otherwise, all looks good. There's pretty much no sign that anything is going to happen anytime soon.  Baby is still floating pretty high, and not at all engaged. I'm not at all surprised as I feel him/her flip back and forth all the time.  She tells me I apparently have really strong stomach muscles, which makes it really hard to tell babiy's position. She thought maybe posterior right now, but wasn't at all sure. I think I'll try to do lots of hands and knees stuff just in case though.


Vinegar - I agree, totally awesome. I use a lot of it for laundry and cleaning. It's also great for deodourizing stinky sports equipment.


Sex - it's been so long, I'm not sure I remember how. I suppose once DH is back from having to travel for work, we could give it a try again, but I figure that until the baby drops enough to put some pressure on my cervix, it's not going to do any good anyways.


Speaking of cervixes, I tried to check mine again today and it's still totally out of reach.


Other than that, we are slowly getting more prepared. My birth pool should arrive tomorrow, and then we plan to spend the long weekend making sure everything else is ready to go. I need new curtains, a light for the bedroom and a few other little things, but not too much else, so it's basically just time to get things nice and clean and decluttered. By the time i hit 38 weeks, I'd like to just be in maintenance mode after that, rather than scrambling around trying to get things done.

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Carlin -- hooray for GBS negative!  I bet that has to be such a relief, especially after having gone through being positive before!


sex -- meh... I tried to initiate last night, but dh seemed less than thrilled (yes, he *was* very tired... but.. still!)... so.. whatever.  Still trying EPO though I'm not sure what the status of my cervix is.  I try to reach it, but it's quite far back and quite high and ... well.. I guess I don't know what I'm looking for so much.  Since I can hardly reach it, I don't know what else to go by.  *sigh*


I'm going to get this out there so that hopefully I can get it out of my head:  Ever since it was mentioned on here that Aug 31 (and into Sept 1) is a blue moon, I've almost had my heart set on that date.  I don't know how I got so fixated on that date because with my history of babies, I have really been trying to think of Sept 15th as my 'due date' (my official EDD is Sept 8) because none of my four girls have arrived before 41 weeks.  Sept.1st would be 39 weeks for me, and honestly, way earlier than I'd ever really expect a baby. .. .. yet... somehow ... ugh.. I just thought a Blue Moon Baby sounded so romantic or something... that it would make such a wonderful story for retelling the birth story and such.  But... I'm trying to just get over it and figure I have two more weeks still.  (it's not that easy though).  I'm just kicking myself because I should know better and I don't want to be disappointed.


I should clean, but I don't want to.  I'm soaking up every bit of this mild day today.  For the last few days we've had 100*+ temps (yesterday was a blistering 103* and SO HOT early on that I was completely miserable and useless and in a foul, foul mood!) but today it's only gotten up to 83* and it's been delightfully overcast!  but, my mom did just take ALL FOUR of my girls to hang out over at her house for a bit, so I really should do something of importance, maybe.

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I'm going to get this out there so that hopefully I can get it out of my head:  Ever since it was mentioned on here that Aug 31 (and into Sept 1) is a blue moon, I've almost had my heart set on that date.  I don't know how I got so fixated on that date because with my history of babies, I have really been trying to think of Sept 15th as my 'due date' (my official EDD is Sept 8) because none of my four girls have arrived before 41 weeks.  Sept.1st would be 39 weeks for me, and honestly, way earlier than I'd ever really expect a baby. .. .. yet... somehow ... ugh.. I just thought a Blue Moon Baby sounded so romantic or something... that it would make such a wonderful story for retelling the birth story and such.  But... I'm trying to just get over it and figure I have two more weeks still.  (it's not that easy though).  I'm just kicking myself because I should know better and I don't want to be disappointed.



LOL, its so funny you say this! My due date is Sept 21st, but so far my other two babies were born a few days before the EDD. And the date I had in mind for the longest time is also September 15th. But I've been doing the exact same thing with the August 31st blue moon! As you say, it would be a very unique story for retelling :). Maybe also, I am just so done being pregnant and ready for this baby that I hope the baby comes 3 weeks before the EDD since 37 weeks is still considered full term after all! But then again, I have so much to do as well - and today the water got shut off in our building and its still off!!!! I'm so pissed. It was unexpected, I didn't have the car so I couldn't go get water so got super dehydrated by the time DH got home with the car - like cracked lips. We didn't have anything left in the fridge (we usually mostly drink water filtered from the tap). I was starting to get really painful BH contractions and I can't take a nice warm bath!!! We can't even flush our toilet right now. What the hell! Also, my midwife is out of town - she is a few hours away. So let's say I do go into labor tomorrow - I'll be 37 weeks so I can have my home birth legally but she will be a few hours away, and my last labor was 2 hrs 45 minutes. Sooooo.....I'm pretty much stressing like crazy right now :(. Oh yeah, and what if the water is still off and I go into labor - I can't imagine being in labor with no running water in the house :(

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Holy heck, Worldshakerz -- I hope your water gets turned back on ASAP!  I can't imagine being stuck pregnant with no water (and having had no warning about it being turned off)!  I feel like I've been drinking buckets and buckets of the stuff and still feel thirsty!  AAAAAND, no toilets for pregnant ladies?!  Yikes!!  ... Let's just hope that if you *do* go into labor tomorrow that a) water is on, and b) labor starts early enough for you to realize it (without being super painful or crazy) and get ahold of your midwife so she can make it in time!  My midwife lives three hours away, so I'm hoping whenever labor does start for me that it will be early enough for me to recognize and give her a buzz so she makes it! ;)  ... and... yeah... I"m glad I'm not the only crazy blue-moon-baby-dreamer ;)

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Hi ladies,


I  had my mw appointment today. It was funny that we were talking about positions of the baby because forever this one has been on my left, head down. Well, last night, when I started to worry about it, I thought I felt him turning his head in my pelvis. Sure enough, today at my appointment, he was on the right, head down. I layed down on my left side for 2 and a half hours (took a nap) and I think he turned again. But right now as I'm typing I'm feeling pressure on my left side, which i hope aren't feet. 


I tested again for GBS. Hopefully it will show a negative and I will know that what I'm doing is working. My blood was ok, but my iron was a little low, so I'm putting some more red meat into the mix. And for some reason my white blood cell count was a little high. Am I fighting something I didn't know about? It's so weird not to feel any symptoms and hear that my white blood cell count was up there.


I've been the same weight for three weeks now, so perhaps all that fat I was storing up is being used to balance out baby's growth. I don't know. It's a relief that I'm not still gaining a bunch, since I'm at 36 lbs.


Then I met with my back-up OB, who is ultra natural birth-oriented. I know in the case that I do go to the hospital that she will take care of our preferences. They kept telling me I was having braxton hicks while I was there, but I don't know. It felt to me like baby was just moving. The midwife said "feel where it's hard?" and I thought that was just the butt. So maybe i have BH more than I think, they just don't hurt. Can anyone else tell the difference between a bh and the baby pushing/stretching? I'm having a hard time. Not that I really need to know, just curious.


Sex--my midwives gave me the green light to do it a bunch and be sure to use nipple stimulation.


Due dates-- This has been the most confusing. My first ultrasound told me Sept. 16th. My anatomy scan at 18 weeks told me Sept. 27th. That's an 11 day difference. So part of me is kinda worried that if my due date really is the 27th, and everyone has been planning for around the 16th, that I will go well beyond the 42 weeks maximum and need to be induced. :( So I really hope the first one was more accurate!

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Tonight I'm going to do some homeopathic "baby out" things...  Cimicifuga and caulophyllum.  I'm okay with those, they're the homeopathic versions of blue and black cohosh.. I'll also be doing nipple stim and sex in conjunction, so FX this works, or at least gets things moving a little bit.  I'm already contracting I just need that little oomph to push it into labor.  My body is close.. I have small "letdown" feelings and my colostrum is VERY abundant.  Cervix has a bit more dilating to do but it is very effaced and very soft.  Baby's head is very low (though she does like to change that up frequently... sigh.


Please wish us luck.



(full story is in my other thread, but in short, I'm a VBAC, threatened c/s this tuesday, and although baby is now vertex she has attempted to turn several times and if she's breech at the next appt they'll surely push for the c/s.  They are also playing the big baby card because I'm measuring ahead. According to their dates I'm 37+6, according to my dates I'm 39+1. Makes sense for measuring ahead... My plan is a UC and I won't UC a breech, and I also want their shadow/backup care just in case of transfer or other anomoly, so I can't just fire them.)

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Ascher- usually earlier ultrasounds are more accurate, I'd personally go with the earlier of the two dates.

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Good luck WCM...I'm so sorry they're putting so much presure on your.

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WCM, belly binding can help keep a baby from flipping...

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WCM - Sending lots of luck your way! dust.gif


Judybean thanks for the commiseration! Still no water. No warm bath tonight, boohoo! Well, my mom says I am welcome to hang out at her place tomorrow while I'm waiting for the water to come on, thank goodness. And hey, if the blue moon magic starts my labor tomorrow, my mom is a nurse so she could hang with me while I wait for the midwife, lol. 

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Judybean, I totally get what you mean about getting one particular date stuck in your head. With DD, my EDD was June 13th, which was my grandparent's anniversary. I thought it would be so cool if DD shared that day with them. I actually cried when the day came and went (and just to rub it in a little, my SIL, the one I don't particularly get along with, had her baby on my due date. lol) even though I knew the chances of the baby being born on her due date were slim.


Worldshakerz, hope you get the water turned back on soon. That would suck big time!


WCM, and anyone else who needs these babies on the outside soon, sending blue moon baby vibes your way! Hopefully the full moon will help move things along and you all get some relief soon!

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ascher, I've been stalling out on weight gain for weeks. I've been at exactly a 25-pound gain for at least three weeks - even though I feel like I'm eating ALL THE TIME and my midwives still say the baby is growing right on target. 

No changes here. Midwife asked about the full moon at her home visit yesterday, if I was feeling the baby might try to make a (super crazy) early arrival - 36w5d - but I told her I didn't feel anything like that. Even though there's plenty of squirming, there's been no emotional or physical feelings of labor. 

I've been thinking since the beginning, though, that it's far more likely the little one will come a few days late, on the Harvest Moon on the 29th of September. Not that I'm inviting the kid to stay in any longer than necessary - it's just the date I've been believing it would happen.

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The sad thing is... I'm totally content going to 42+ weeks... Or I would be if not being pushed into all of this.

The homeopathics seem to have failed. hopefully the sex helped my cervix. Sunday morning may be castor oil day. I don't want to be cut open again.
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