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bloody watery stools in 3 week old

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Hello Dr. Sears,


I would greatly appreciate any help on this issue we're having.  About a week ago (baby was 2 weeks old), I noticed little specks of blood in my babys stools.  He is only breastfed and it also seems as though his stools are extra watery and explosive along with having a bowel movement after every feeding.  At a check up with our midwives, they said that he had a pretty big fissure.  Then four days later I began to see actual blood coming out of his anus as opposed to the little specks.  This was also happening more frequently.  So our doctor suggested we go to the hospital.  


At the ER, they did an x-ray to make sure there was no air bubbles? and also gave him the oral vitamin K because we had declined at birth.  However, from the lab work his vitamin k levels were fine, everything came back normal, they saw no fissure, and suggested it was a dairy intolerance in my diet.  Though I really dont eat dairy except for butter.  


Other info about him is that he is still a little jaundiced (10) and he is very fussy when the bowel movements have blood. He is gaining very well, has had no fever, sleeps regularly if hes not having tummy trouble, and aside from the painful times, seems to be happy.  


I have started to eliminate dairy(which i really only had butter before), wheat, soy, eggs, citrus, caffeine.  However the only food listed above that I have regularly would be wheat.  Ive been off of these foods for 5 days now, and the stools are random, but still have at least one bloody stool per day.  


Im wondering what you think the cause of the bleeding is and if I should be switching to formula for a bit (which i would REALLY not like).   


Please help point me in some clear direction.  Thank you!

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also, i do not consume gassy or spicy foods.  is there other testing that you wouldve recommended if you were our doctor that could help determine the cause of his bleeding?

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i wouldn't suggest formula at this point. I agree with going dairy free, and make sure you are 100% casein free.  Gluten free as well. Corn can do this too.  It can take up to two weeks for blood to go away, if those foods are the culprit. After that, this would be beyond what I can answer in this forum setting. 

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