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anyone else triandem nursing?

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just looking for anyone who's btdt. i'm currently nursing my 1mo dd, 23mo ds, and 3yo ds. the boys primarily ask first thing in the morning and then right before bed...times that their sister is generally cluster nursing as well. the rest of the day it's hit or miss as to when/if they'll ask. how do you prevent feeling pulled in every direction when everyone wants their milkies but you only have 2 nipples lol?  obviously the baby gets her milk whenever she asks, and so far i try to work with the boys on waiting their turn. oldest ds is generally understanding about waiting a few minutes, but then i worry the other 2 will have left him little milk. my younger ds gets jealous of his 2 nursemates and will occasionally try to pull them from the nipple so he can have it. because he's really still a baby too, i try to let him nurse with his sister instead of having him wait. i've also tried having older ds wait till naptime since younger ds doesn'y usually nurse then, and he'll get more milk then.

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I'm sure we have some experienced tandem nursing mamas with advice to offer. 



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I am nursing a 16 month old and his big sister who is 29 months. I have weaned her down to ONLY night and morning nursing and that is it. She was getting intense w/ asking and begging and it was driving me nuts. I know she loves to nurse and finds extreme comfort in it, but it was too much for me. And her younger brother nurses less and less lately prly 4x a day now. They both havent nursed at night for a LONG time. i night wean asap (9 months or so)...i like sleep LOL I was having to get firm w/ her when she would beg and get jealous. and No means No, they need to learn boundaries... and that is MY personal boundrie...


Maybe if you dont want to tell the older babes no, have a snack out for them, a cheese stick or something not messy...i tell dd she can hold it for a minute outside my shirt and she snuggles for a min then i can usually direct her else place. and after a few weeks she understands, still asks during the day and i remind her before night nights she gets meme's :)


Oh and i did nurse them alot at the same time and it helped to have 5 minutes of both nursing rather than 15 of 1 then the other...seemed to take way to long. Oh and i have quick nursers around 5 minutes every time...


we are cutting odd back because of her intensity and we are ntnp and i dont want to nurse thru another pregnancy...

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Oh, WHOOPS that didnt say tandem duh.gif sorry you can remove if you would like....

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