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Morning sickness = all day sickness...what to do for relief??

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I've been getting more and more nauseous every day it seems- and it's all day, maybe even worse towards the end of the day. What on earth will relieve this?!
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I'm not sure what you have been trying but here are some things that have helped me in the past:


1. Eat more protein


2. Eat/drink something acidic like squeezng a lemon into your water.


3. Just the smell of an orange or fresh ginger seems to help me.


4. I've heard sea bands help


5. resting helps me if that's a possibility.


6. Exercise first thing in the morning even if it's just walking.

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I will definitely try to remember more protien! That is probably the key! It seems like the more I move, the sicker I feel- like it's a limiter to tell me to slow down eyesroll.gif . I'm on "pelvic rest" and "noooo exercise" was a very strong point made to me greensad.gif

Oranges, hm? I have some orange essential oil. Will have to give it a sniff! Anything is worth trying!!
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Just kind of following up on my own post here in case anyone else is having the same issue. Protien (and probably fat) is absolutely the key. After I posted, and after your response, Camprunner, I looked back at my day and realized how not nearly enough protien I had eaten! I usually eat 2 eggs with butter and cheese and (boo, going to try and change this) a freezer waffle every day. Yesterday was thee worst sickness I had felt so far and I had oats with berries and a little bit of Greek yogurt for breakfast, random cereal for snacks, homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch... Etc... Not much protien!
I ended my day last night with cottage cheese and pineapple (protien and fat and good carb! Yay) and felt alarmingly good this morning lol- then had my eggs, still feeling better than yesterday.
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Yay! I'm glad you are feeling better.

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I had awful morning sickness during my first pregnancy and the only thing that helped was medications.  Motherrisk is a great service which offers a Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy Helpline (toll-free).  Wow -I definitely recommend it.  I took (and am taking) diclectin and gravol.  They have also recommended zofran, which will be my next attempt if this doesn't work.


I was sick morning to evening, and evening was worse. I tried seabands, dietary changes, herbs, acupuncture. This time I've tried to get ahead of the sickness and so far so good. 



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I've heard diclectin is commonly used in Canada, but don't think it's available in the US.  To to achieve the same results with the same ingredients, in the US it's recommended to take vitamin b6 and unisom.  Nice that it's over the counter and not prescription. That's what I'm doing and it's incredible!


Like pp, I tried all the typical natural remedies- diet changes, seabands, insane amounts of ginger, nothing made the slightest difference, but the medication now has cured it.

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