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minimalism and unschooling

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I noticed in another thread that we have a few unschooling families and I was wondering how those two things mesh for everyone.  My big challenge right now is that once something comes into our home my middle daughter (3) wants it to stay.  Right now she's okay with rotating toys, but it makes me think twice about "strewing."

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We are unschoolers and i have been inspired with minimalism for a year or more ago...still in the process..every now and again i have my boys go through some of there things asking them to keep only what they "really" want and or use and to donate the rest. It seems to work pretty good. Its also thru trial and error too, like when one of them "has to have something" at a garage sale for instance and then weeks or months later i notice it either broken or unused i will talk to them about how they thought they really wanted that item but its not being used. In hopes that the next time they will think a little bit more about it. I also have them go through their clothes too in the same way. Maybe because they're boys, but they don't have a problem with donating most of them. The only time i have an issue is when my 16 yr old doesn't want to to through his clothes to donate some because he just doesn't feel like it lol..And as far as education i'm thinking between a few items, a computer and online...you don't need more than that. Besides I'd like to learn more "outside" our home anyway...

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Omg, I didn't know there was a minimalist mamas forum! I'm so excited!

We have pretty much evolved into unschooling, so I love this thread. Our biggest problem is books! No matter how many I get rid of.... I just love books! And I feel like they are so important for the way we learn. I did get rid of most of my personal reading last week, and dh got me a kindle fire as an early anniversary gift. Thursday is 14 years.
We live in a tiny house, under 900 sqft. We have 3 kids and one on the way, so it's an ongoing process around here. Today I am downsizing clothes. We had been using one basket for ALL undies and socks and it just wasn't working. Amazing when I finally dumped it out that I was able to get rid of half of it! And I realized I've been just putting my toddlers clothes in his clothes basket rather that hanging, so WHY do I have 30 small hangers? Lol
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